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Crocheted and Zipped Mesh Pouch - Free Pattern

Updated on December 6, 2012
This is my first try for Eco Bags. I made this crocheted piece to replace the vinyl mesh ones that I have.
This is my first try for Eco Bags. I made this crocheted piece to replace the vinyl mesh ones that I have. | Source

I made this crochet mesh pouches to replace the vinyl ones that I have. It's a perfect beginner project. The sizing is adjustable to any length, as long as it will fit the zipper that you will use.


I got the idea from these pouches made of vinyl. I wanted a crocheted one to replace those made of plastic.

Some Vinyl mesh bags in different sizes.
Some Vinyl mesh bags in different sizes.

Skill level: Beginner


Size 3/0 mm hook or 2.5mm hook
Mercerized Cotton size 10 in 2 colors, A- for darker, B - for ligher
Zipper: Any length as long as it fits the length of the body
Sewing Needle for sewing the zipper

Stitch Legend:

CH - chain
SC - single crochet
DC - double crochet
HDC - half double crochet
SL - slip stitch
SCFL - single crochet in front loop of chain only

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Simple mesh pattern for the body.
Simple mesh pattern for the body.
Simple mesh pattern for the body. | Source

Stitch Pattern: V-stitches

Note : this is just a swatch:

Row 1: CH 11. SL on 1st CH from hook, CH 2, DC on same stitch. ( SK 1, 2 DC

on next CH. ) Repeat across.
Row 2: Turn, SL on space between 1st 2DC. CH 2, DC on same stitch, 2DC in

between the next 2DC cluster.
Row 3 - 4 : Repeat row 2.

Pattern Instructions:

NOTE: This project is worked form the base up.

Base: Use darker color of crochet thread.

Row 1: CH your preferred length of bag, that fits the length of your zipper, in even numbers. SC on 2nd CH from hook. SC on each CH across. Turn.

Row 2. CH 1, SCFL on first SC. Repeat around until the last CH. On the last SC, turn the work and SC on the free loops of the CH across the foundation. SL on the first stitch. This is the base of your bag.


Approximately 2 inches = 6 2DC clusters / 9 rows of pattern stitch


NOTE: Use lighter color crochet thread.

Row 1. Join Color B on the 1st SCFL made. SL on the 1st SC for this row. CH 2, DC on same stitch. ( Skip 1 SC, 2DC on next ) - you are now working the pattern stitch. You are also working on rounds. SL on top of the CH 2 to close the round. Turn.

Row 2: Ch 2, and work the pattern.

Row 3 to onwards : Work on the established stitch pattern until your desired height for the project. SL on top of the CH2 to close round. Finish off. Weave in ends.


Row 1. Attach color A and SL on the space between last 2 DC made. ( CH 1, 3SC on the same space ). Repeat around, before turning the work, CH an extra 50 CH or longer, then continue to the other side. SL on starting CH

Row 2. CH2, HDC on each SC around, and on the CH 50. SL on 1st stitch. Turn.

Row 3: CH1, SC on each HDC around, SL on starting CH 1. Finish off.

Sew in zipper and enjoy ! You now have a crocheted mesh bag that can replace the vinyl bags.

Note on expanding sizes:

If you are planning on wider and bigger mesh bag, just use longer zippers.


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