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Custom Pictures for any Website

Updated on June 14, 2013

Do you Want a Custom Icon for Yourself?

I happen to know a professional artist who is offering to make a custom design for anyone who wants it. All you have to do is visit her and leave her a message saying zalife sent me for 80% off of your price! If you are a famous squiddo lensmaster bringing in thousands of dollars a month and want a custom icon to add to your creations, this is a fantastic deal. She will add anything you want into this picture for only $15!

(Like this template she made? It's the one I currently use! If you want your name inserted where this one is, it's yours for only $9!)

*If you are wanting a more realistic drawing (like the dragon pictured in this section) it will cost a little bit more. If you have any questions or comments on her work, make sure to check out

You Deserve a Drawing like This

You Deserve a Drawing like This
You Deserve a Drawing like This

This Offer won't last long! - Companies are already using her for graphic design..

Click for a better view
Click for a better view

The price is only going to go up in the future. It is $15 now, and there is a VERY good chance that an artist like this could one day be famous. Look, if you want a quality drawing for a cheap price, this is your place. There is nothing else like it. These drawings are for some odd reason very blurry (if you know why, please leave an answer in the comments) so go check out her out and let her know you're interested. My custom icon only cost me $15, thats just such a good deal. Now everyone will see me and realize how serious I am about Squidoo. My views have shot up since I got this by roughly 30%! This is the best choice I have ever made on this site.

From Cute Pictures... - To Ferocious Dragons...

This artist can do it all. If you have something specific on your mind, she can make it. The site she uses most is Deviant Art, a site famous for aspiring artists like this. After getting a National Award on that site (which has millions of users) It's clear how fast she is taking off. It would be wise, in my opinion, to buy now before these prices rocket up and break the charts at a few hundred/thousand dollars a peice. If you don't let her know that 'zacrew7 sent me here' then you will have to pay the full price of $80.

Heres one of those Dragons I was talking about - This is what her favorite drawings are!

Who doesn't want such a cool drawing in their home? You can order drawings like this, too, if you aren't interested in the icon. These are very cool pictures, and I often have friends ask me how much they cost me. It isn't hard to say you got it for a few hundred, now you can look richer than you really are! I just love her style, because it goes from cartoony drawings (like my icon) to serious drawings (like this one) to the most realistic drawings you have ever seen.

Do you recognize her? - This is hanging on my wall..

This drawing took her about one hour to make. It was a fun sketch I asked her to make, and this masterpeice is what I got. If you have a picture of yourself you would like drawn, that can be done too. Many of us love art, it's something we have grow up around our whole lives. And seeing ourself as a drawing.. well, that's something you can only expirence. It's one not many poeple have felt. Taylor Swift looks identical. You will too.

Here is a Video of Her Drawings - and My Music.

Feel free to play it while you browse her drawings..

Where to Order!

Just send an email to to discuss what you would like in your picture!

How Can You Get These For Free? - Read on to learn more!

For every person you get to buy one, we take $3 off your final price. As of now, we have made over 10 sales, and we will go for 25 more before the price is raised. If you really want one of these for one of your lenses or even for a different site, but can't afford it (or just don't want to shell out the money) this is the best way you can do it! We have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee; if you don't like it, send it back and we will change it. So far not a single customer has complained, and we highly recommend using this for all of your picture needs.

Don't forget you can get large canvas pictures, photos, and anything in her gallery (just talk to revois for more into!)

How do you order?

1. Click the link and browse over to the gallery to see all of the pictures Revois does, they range from photography to drawings.

2. Send her an email about what you would like at

3. Tell her 'zalife' sent me here for 80% savings and drop your price to only $15!*

*First 25 customers will get the discount, the price will then raise so order quickly!

Did you click the link?

What would you Pay for a Custom Lens?

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Let us know what you decided to get! Leave a review here, and remember that we are always here for support and if you have a comment or question we will get back to you within 24 hours. Always.

What's Your Favorite? - What did you order?

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    • Zach Spangler profile image

      Zach Spangler 5 years ago

      @happy-birthday: They are all drawings?

    • happy-birthday profile image

      Birthday Wishes 5 years ago from Here

      I love the drawnings the most! Thanks a lot for sharing this great lens!

    • pumpum profile image

      pumpum 5 years ago

      Great lens!