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14 of the Cutest Washi Tapes You'll Ever See

Updated on May 22, 2021

Washi tape is adorable. You can stick it onto practically anything from envelopes to noticeboards. Its fresh and unique design gives appeal to pretty much anything.

Luckily for you, I've trawled the internet to find the cutest washi tapes there are.

Well, you're in for an absolute treat. In this article, I will review some of the best washi tape designs in the world. I feature tapes from KawaiiSnea, a Canadian Etsy shop and also, Joe and Floe from the UK. Enjoy!

1. Blue Blossoms

This dark but Japanese-style blue blossom tape is wonderful. It features bright blue Sakura flowers which contrast beautifully with the navy background. The flowers look extremely gentle and innocent, but they really spark something special in my heart when I see them.

This tape is of excellent quality and sticks durably onto pretty much everything, without any stains or extra glue. This tape is perfect for decorating letters, photo frames, laptops, phones, pretty much everything.

Get It At: Joe and Flo On Etsy

2. Multicoloured Dots

This washi tapes features glorious multi-coloured dots (red, yellow, black and blue) on a clear background.

This tape is Japanese, meaning it's a better quality than Chugoku (Chinese) tapes that are of a much lesser quality. You can stick it onto an envelope, peel it off without any residue and stick it back again, multiple times without any damage to the tape! This is one of those high quality tapes and I have found it to be very durable and long lasting.

The dots are adorable on coasters, laptops, the sides of keyboards and even bookmarks. The colors of the dots work together beautifully and blend together in a vivid way.

Get It At: Joe and Flo on Etsy

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3. Gold Stars

This tape will definitely add a little magic to your washi tape collection - this gold star washi tape is my favorite. It goes all out with the golden color and is a very striking design. I'll be using it to seal the envelopes for birthday cards. It just has the zazzle to make people feel thrilled.

I have used this tape for many decorations and the colour is lasting strong almost a month after! It's of a very high quality and the gold sheen is glorious.

Get It At: Joe and Flo On Etsy

4. Pink and Yellow Ferns

This clear washi tape has some very interesting designs of pink flowers and yellow ferns. One of the best things about this washi tape (and some of the others) is that you can peel it off and peel it back again, over and over, and the tape will still be as sticky as ever!

It also doesn't leave any sticky residue when peeled off. So, for sealing envelopes that you hope to keep in your memento box, this tape would be ideal since you can open the envelope and close it, over and over again.

Get It At: Joe and Flo On Etsy

5. Snowy Town

This washi tape from Joe and Flo is a beautiful Winter washi tape that you need to add to your collection. It features a quiet and snowy village, against the backdrop of a cold Winter's sky. It's a serene and calm design.

I wouldn't recommend using this on a dark background for the simple reason that the buildings won't contrast as well with the dark blue background. For the best contrast in colour, I would suggest using this tape on a white envelope or white laptop of some sort. This will emphasise the "snowy" white buildings and help the dark blue to stand out.

Get It At: Joe and Flo On Etsy

6. Airmail

Oh, airmail – how I love it. The thought of getting a handwritten letter, stamped with all those glorious airmail stamps and logos. It's beautiful. This washi tape from Joe and Flo features beautiful stamps from cities worldwide which emboss and embellish the tape. Complete with red and blue stripes, this tape will add a magical feel to any envelope that you add the tape to. It has a real vintage feel but still brings the essence of airmail.


Get It At: Joe and Flo On Etsy

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7. Hot Air Balloons

This is probably my favourite tape of all in this entire collection. It holds a very beautiful sight which are lots and lots of hot air balloons flying in the sky! I love everything about this tape. The use of colour. The design. And best of all, the uniqueness. I definitely haven't seen this tape anywhere else.

The maker has breathed life into a design like this, in such a way that it calls out to me. It's saying hello and very few washi tapes can do that. This is a one of a kind, for sure.

Get It At: Sabai Paper Co on Etsy

8. Black and White Stripes

The image to the right features two tapes which I recommend (the third one isn't for sale): black dots on white and white stripes on black. Black and white always work together beautifully and in these tapes, it's no exception. They really combine together to create a simple but sleek design.

This washi tape is very elegant and beautiful in every way. It emits style immediately. I especially love how such beautiful patterns can be made from two colors: black and white.

White Lines on Black: Sabai Paper Co on Etsy

Black Polkadots on White: Sabai Paper Co on Etsy

9. Cherry Blossoms

This beige coloured tape has gentle, soothing cherry blossoms. They are also accompanied by brown twigs which contrast beautifully to the pink cherry blossoms.

The beige colour makes the washi tape more traditional and has a handcrafted feel to it.

The tape is a little wider than a usual washi tape width, think of it as two regular washi tapes (or cellotape) widths put together. This makes it even more special, since it has more coverage in terms of width.

Get It At: Sabai Paper Co on Etsy

10. Long Arrows

These long arrows are very bright and vivid, using colors of red and brown. They have a very natural color, and really pop out from the tape. They'll brighten up your day!

The arrow itself is incredibly detailed, if you look at the arrow in the image. It has a little green leaf jutting out from the stick and this dash of green really brightens up the tape.

I really loved using the tape because it is incredibly durable and sticks to pretty much everything! It lasts for a very long time, without the colors wearing and the tape doesn't leave any residue.

Get It At: Sabai Paper Co On Etsy

11. Red Flowers

What's more beautiful than a group of red poppies? This white washi tape features delicate red poppies, almost as if they've been painted with watercolors.

They have a gentle atmosphere to them and blend into any envelope, laptop or wall. The red isn't too vibrant which helps to soothe the mind. There's something calming about this tape but I really love the hints of red throughout the tape.

Get It At: Sabai Paper Company on Etsy

12. Vintage Butterflies

This is a more interesting washi tape or certainly, a more unusual one. It features a variety of different butterflies, all surrounded by a beige background. This really covers the types of butterflies you can find.

The tape itself looks glorious on pretty much everything from notebook covers to organizer pages and so much more. It has an almost vintage look which adds to the appeal of the tape, and reminds me of 60s chic stationery.

This also looks beautiful on letter heads or even birthday cards. It will last a long time as I have found and is of a very high quality in terms of durability.

Get It At: The Pretty Drawer on Etsy

13. Special Delivery

This is super cute for all those relatives and friends that you want to write a letter to. The black and white contrast is superbly done and it feels like the perfect way to show someone that you care. To see this tape on an envelope will melt their heart. I know if I received an envelope with this cute washi tape sealing off the envelope, I'd be very happy indeed!

I've been using it for handwritten letters which I send to penpals.

In terms of the tape itself, I found it to be very durable and lasted very long. I think that this tape looks beautiful on a sleek white envelope. The font is almost playful and looks very casual. Perfect for a friend or that special someone (hint, hint)!

Get It At: The Washi World on Etsy

14. Autumn Leaves

Autumn is on its way and its sweeping across all of us. This washi tape really reflects the chilly but almost golden mood with fiery leaves and a few green ones thrown in. The mix of colours is striking with yellows, reds, oranges and brown crashing together in one beautiful harmony. I would really recommend this tape for you seasonal fans who love to embrace these Autumn days! I love it so much.

Get It At: The Washi World on Etsy

Thank You For Reading!

Thank you for reading and checking out this review!
Let me know what washi tapes you liked, I'd love to know! If you want to see other washi tapes, make sure to check out this review of cute washi tapes also!

Thanks to the Etsy shops; Sabai Paper Co, Joe and Flo,The Pretty Drawer and The Washi World for sending me their tapes to review. I received these tapes for free, however, I have been very honest in my review of each tape. Thanks, guys!

Which design is your favourite?

Let me know in the comments below!

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