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DIY Beautiful and Unusual Jewelry

Updated on December 1, 2016

I don't use much jewelry but I love to see different pieces out of others creativity! I enjoy to feel amazed with nice and easy ideas to DIY.

I also create some necklaces and I'm fond of manipulation of different materials and techniques. I love to mix and glue, textiles, crochet, metal or wood.. and everything around.. I hope you enjoy my findings and works.

Jeans Necklace


We usually have some old jeans around. Why not to recycle them into a beautiful necklace? Here you have a good photo tutorial.

Chevron Bracelet


Give it a try! It's so easy to make! You can find the hexagonal nuts at any hardware store and use beautiful color strings.

DIY Pom Pom Necklace


This is incredibly easy and nice!

Washer Necklace


Usually we can't find colored washers but you can paint them easily with nailpolish.

How To Make Popsycle Stick Bracelets!


Do you think it's difficult to bend Popsycle sticks? No, it's a really easy task if you use boiling water!

Bobby pins necklace


If you want to add some color you can do it with nail polish.

Jewelry out of hot glue


Do you think glue guns are just for bonding things? Look at these necklaces made of glue! You can design your own.

Zipper jewelry


Step by step instrutions and some more ideas to reuse old zippers

Geometrical triangle necklace out of a recycled gift card


One more idea to make jewelry with nail polish. You can also try other shapes and materials like plastic pieces cutted from empty recipients.

Suede Tassel Bracelet


You can use thsee instructions with other materials. This one is made with leather but you can use cord or strings or even crochet i-cords.

Super easy and stylish rings


You’ll need glitter, varnish glue and an adjustable ring with a setting pad. Along with this tutorial you have another one of a gold rock and wire ring.

Woven Necklace DIY


This is just one idea about what you can make weaving. Get your yarn and beads and begin yours!

Beaded necklace out of t-shirt


I don't think you have any trouble to follow the instructions but you can see more t-shirt yarn jewelry examples on the blog.

Milk Pack Carton Embroidery


I made this myself and I think that today I would add Mod Podge to get a more shiny look. If you get inspired by this idea of making your own embroidery on carton, please let me know! I would love it!

Beer can and yarn


I also made this one out of a beer can with embroidery and twisted yarn all glued together. I love to manipulate different materials!

Denim necklace


This one was made with buttons of some old jeans from my son. There are other necklaces on my flickr account.

Jeans Upcycling


If you like the idea of upcycling old jeans (not only into jewelry) don't think twice and take a look!

Another cool upcycling idea


Easy way to work with polymer clay! I love it!

Crochet Squares Necklace


I love the square mess! Plus the colors.

Jeans Beads Necklace


Another cool way to make a necklace out of old jeans.

Shrinky dink necklace


Do you know the shrink plastic? You can find it at any craft store and it's very easy to paint. You have more inspiration on this blog.

Knot bracelet


With the help of a glass jar, you can mold a bracelet with polymer clay. See the photo tutorial.

Prairie Feather Necklace


Use fabric scraps to make these feathers, as many as you want to assemble with chains.

DIY Neon Beans Necklace


We can make jewelry out of anything! This tutorial teaches you how to use beans to make a necklace.

Pasta Necklace


How to use spaghetti to make a beautiful necklace

DIY: Ombrè Necklace From Pistachio Shells


This one is made with pistachios but I thought we could make it also with false nails..

DIY: Neon Necklace From Straws


Continuing with unusual supplies, here is a tutorial made with plastic straws.

Anthropologie Inspired Necklace Tutorial


Use may use Lycra fabric because it’s stretches good to make a thin knot. You can use an old t-shirt and cut it into stripes.

Silk ribbon cord jewelry


You can also use fabric yarn or any other strings to make this.

Thimble Necklace


Nice idea to upcycle vintage thimbles into jewelry!

Make a Clay Geometric Necklace in a Snap!


I think that this project can be customized enough that you can make it your own (or make it as a gift for somebody!)

Crochet Chain Link Necklace Tutorial


Use various weight yarns and various fibres in different colors. Just a question of creativity!

Cardboard Jewelry


Cardboard it's something that we always have at home. You can play around with stripes of cardboard by making shapes like circles or spirals.

String Art Necklace


Make a jig for wrapping string with cork board or foam. Use little nails around a circle, wrap the string and apply glue thoroughly with a paintbrush.

DIY Mini Crayon Necklaces


I really like the idea of upcycling crayons into jewelry. It's not difficult to make and it's a cheap way to create a different necklace.

Safety Pin Bracelets


You need safety pins enough to fit around your wrist. Try with different bead colors and shapes, harmonizing them as you like.

Pretzel Knot Hemp Jewelry


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