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Wine Cork Table Decorating

Updated on June 5, 2017

Give Your Next Dinner Party A Wine Cork Theme And A Big Bottle of Bubbly.

Awesome Decorating your table with wine corks
Awesome Decorating your table with wine corks | Source

Decorate Your Table With A Wine Cork Theme

Decorating a cork theme for a celebration dinner is an inexpensive and fun way to lay out your dinner table for an evening meal. These projects are easy and fun for the whole family. There are sturdy enough to re-use over and over. The hot plate should not be used to carry hot plates of food. It is a decorative piece, to place hot food on the table only. You could build the cork hot-plate and glue it to a, same size ,piece of plywood and then it could be picked up or even used as a serving tray. You will have fun building the napkin rings, circle candle holders and then color in the outlines of grapes and leaves to suit your décor. My color here is blue. I love everything blue.

The big candle holder does look great in a garden table or as a centre piece with a vase and a flower arrangement in it. So get drinking the wine, get your friends to save their corks for you or buy corks from EBay on this page. Have fun.

Wine Cork Candle Holders and Napkin Rings

So cute. I colored in the grapes with making pens.
So cute. I colored in the grapes with making pens. | Source

Candle Holders and Matching Napkin Rings

Candle Holders & Matching Napkin Rings

These matching table accessories along with the hotplate and coasters will create a whimsical delight to your table for your family and guests. A cluster of these candleholders would make a great centerpiece. They will give you a cottage atmosphere year round.

Materials for 2 Candle Holders

12 new corks bought from U-Vint Store
hot melt glue gun/1 glue stick
coping saw
purple and green wax crayon
cutting board

Step 1: The grapes and leaves on the new corks can be colored in with the wax crayons. This allows the outlines of the fruit to show through. If your corks don't have this pattern on them forget this step.
Step 2: Melt the bottom of the candle you want to use and attach it to the cutting board. Then glue the corks vertically around the bottom of the candle.
Step 3: Pull out the candle. Then cut one of the corks 1/8 inch from the bottom of cork with coping saw and glue in center of ring of corks. This bottom will stop your candle from falling through when you pick it up. Repeat these steps for as many candle holders, as you wish.

The napkin rings are the same instructions just don't fill in the hole in the bottom.

DIY Wine Cork Hotplate and Coaster Sets

So Easy and So fun to use.
So Easy and So fun to use. | Source

How to Build a Hot-Plate


The hotplate can be used outside on your picnic table at the cottage, if you mount this hot-plate on a same size piece of plywood. This hotplate will keep heat away from your table's finish but you should exercise caution when carrying dishes of hot food directly on top of it to the table.


36 corks
hot melt glue gun
1 eight-inch glue stick
coping saw
thick work gloves

Step 1: Put on the work gloves and cut 12 corks in half horizontally with coping saw. Glue 2 of the half corks together with the cut side up. Repeat 11 times to make 12 pairs of corks. Glue 3 pairs or corks together as seen in picture. Repeat 3 times to make 4 sections.
Step 2: Glue 8 corks side to side to form the middle section of the hotplate.
Step 3: Glue 2 corks end to end . Repeat 7 times to form 8 pairs of corks.
Step 4: Start from left top of middle section and glue 1 pair of corks to top cork. Then glue your cut cork sections from step 1 to bottom of these corks. (See picture.) Glue on 1 pair of corks under this cut cork section. Repeat this step. Now you have built one side and can repeat step 4 to do other side of hotplate. Place on your table and enjoy.


Coasters are a wonderful way to add practical decoration to your home. These rustic cork coasters will keep moisture away from your fine furniture and will look great in any room.

What you will need to create a set of four coasters.

36 bottle corks
glue gun
2 glue sticks 8 inches long
coping saw
heavy work gloves
cutting board

Step 1: Take the coping saw and cut 12 corks exactly in half horizontally. Always remember safety first and wear a good pair of heavy work gloves to cut corks.
Step 2: Then glue 2 uncut corks end to end with glue gun. Repeat step 2 to make 8 pairs.
Step 3: A pair of half cut corks can be glued side to side. You will need to glue 12 pairs of these corks. Then glue 3 pairs of cut corks together side to side. These 6 half cut corks will form the center of the coaster. (See picture.)
Step 4: Take the pairs of full size corks from step 2 and glue them to the top and bottom of the center corks. The finishing touch is to glue a single cork to each right and left side of the center corks. (See picture.) Repeat steps 3 and 4 to complete your four coaster set.

Round Wine Cork Candle Holder

Never leave a candle unattended.
Never leave a candle unattended. | Source

Round Candle or Flower Vase Holder

Round Candle Holder

This round candleholder nestles up to your big round candles to give a homey feel of contentment when you light it up. Always remember safety first -never leave a lighted candle unattended in a room.

36 corks
hot melt glue gun/2-8 inch glue sticks
coping saw
cutting board
4 inch round candle

Step 1: Start by making a circle of 8 corks on your cutting board. You will notice only the tips of the cork corners touch each other. It is at these tips that you apply the glue to hold the first ring together.
Step 2: Glue your second row on top of this row making sure that the middle of the first cork glues to the top of a join of 2 corks from the first row. (See Picture.) Repeat 3rd and 4th rows in the same way. Make as many rows as you wish to complete the height of the candleholder you desire.
Step 3: Find 4 same size corks and cut a v out on the middle of each cork to make the feet of the candle.
Step 4: Glue the v of the cork to bottom row of candle. Count 3 corks on bottom ring and glue one cork to one side of 3 corks and the other to other side of 3 corks. Repeat for back and this should balance your beautiful candleholder. Drop in a candle and light up your life.

Decorate Your Table With Wine Corks

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