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Dainty Bonnet for Baby Featuring Flower Medallions

Updated on July 12, 2016

This bonnet featuring flower medallions was originally published in February 1928 in The Needlecraft Magazine.

Bonnet Featuring Flower Medallions
Bonnet Featuring Flower Medallions

Using No. 70 crochet-thread, begin at center of crown with a chain of 6 stitches, join.

1. Ch 7, (d tr in ring, ch 3) 7 times, join to 4th of 7 ch.

2. S c under following ch, 6 d tr under same ch (ch 4 for 1st d tr of row, always), (ch 3, 6 d tr in next sp) 7 times, ch 3, join to top of 4 ch representing 1st d tr.

3. Eight d tr over 6 d tr (2 in 1st and last and 1 in each between), ch 5; repeat around, join.

4. A d tr in each of 8 d tr, keeping top loop of each on needle and working off together, making a tight ch to close the cluster or petal (ch 7, catch back in 4th st from hook, for p, ch 8, catch back in 4th st, ch 3, d c under 5 ch), p-loop, as before; repeat around, joining last loop to top of 1st petal.

5. (P-loop, fasten with d c between 2 p of loop of last row) twice, p-loop, fasten in top of cluster; repeat around, making 23 loops in all, omitting the last joining to top of petal.

6, 7. P-loop, fasten between 2 p of next loop; repeat.

8. Ch 3, 6 d tr between 2 p of next loop (or, if preferred, sl st to the ch between p); repeat, making 3 ch between groups, and joining last 3 ch to top of 1st d tr; 23 groups of d tr in all.

9. Same as 3d row.

10 Same as 4th row.

11, 12, 13. Same as 6th row. This completes the crown, which may be made larger or smaller, as required, by adding to or decreasing the number of all-around rows.

Across the front is a line of medallions made like that at center of crown to 4th row, inclusive; make a 2d medallion in the same way, joining to preceding when working the 4th row, as follows: Chain 7, picot, chain 2, catch between picots of corresponding loop of 1st or preceding medallion, chain 6, picot. chain 3, double between picots of next loop of medallion on which you are working, join next loops in same way and finish the row. Make 7 of these medallions, joining each to preceding by corresponding 2 loops at side, leaving 2 free petals on opposite sides of each, and 6 free petals around the outer edge of end medallions.

Now work loops around the strip of medallions, fastening loop in loop, as directed; between medallions, after fastening in last free loop above side joining, chain 3, fasten in 1st free loop of next medallion, and continue; widen at end of strip by making an extra loop before and after the 2 outer petals, thus: A loop, doubles between picots, a loop, double just beyond 2d picot of same loop, make 3 loops, again widen, and continue along the side of medallions. Since the ground-work is entirely of the picot-loops, explicit directions seem useless, and are often confusing rather than helpful, as the work itself is very simple. After having made 2 rows of loops along the side of medallions, join to the last row of crown as directed for joining medallions, and work 3 more rows of loops, or as many as required for the size of bonnet wanted, across front and around neck.

For the edge: Fasten thread between 2 picots of a loop, ch 13, turn.

1. Miss 5, tr in next st, ch 3, miss 3, tr in next, ch 3, d c between p of next loop, turn.

2. Ch 3, tr in tr, ch 3, tr in next tr, turn.

3. Ch 5, tr in tr, ch 3, tr in next tr, ch 3, d c between p of next loop, turn.

Repeat 2d and 3d rows around bonnet, joining neatly. In corner loop work 3 loops of chain, fastening with double, to turn.

4. Fasten in loop of 5 ch, on outer edge, ch 5, * 7 roll-stitches (over 15 times) in next loop, ch 5, d c in next loop; repeat from * around, joining last 5 ch where 1st started.

5. Sl st up 1st 5 ch, * ch 7, fasten back in 4th st, ch 3, miss 3 rolls, d c between next 2, 1 p-loop, miss 1 roll, d c between next 2, 1 p-loop, miss 3 rolls, d c under 5 ch, close to shell, 1 p-loop, d c under next 5 ch, and repeat from * around.

Holding the outer edge toward you repeat 4th and 5th rows on the opposite side of spaces, the shells turning back on the bonnet; the double border is carried across the front only, and makes a very attractive finish.

Narrow ribbon of delicate color - pink is especially liked - is run in and out the spaces between the shells, and rosettes match the ribbon and lining of lightly padded silk; the latter is edged with half-inch footing.

Download printable version (.pdf)


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