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Dear Dad Jabulani Emmanual "Black Dillinger" Ncala

Updated on July 29, 2015

Dear Dad Jabulani Emmanual "Black Dillinger" Ncala

Dear Dad Jabulani Emmanual "Black Dillinger" Ncala

I know it's wrong.


But I put you before God.

A Hymn dedicated to my dad(Papa)

My Soul my Soul my Soul may you be

Safe and cosy all your days on earth.

May you grow have enough nutritious food

To keep you healthy and active in your

Days. May you sow seeds of compassion and

prosperity . May you be surrounded by deeds

Of kindness and may you attract love from

Those Dearest and most loyal to you.

My Soul my Soul my Soul,

When the Angels call my name may I stand

Tall knowing that my family can sustain their

Lifestyle and that they have abundance

And plenty on earth, health wisdom and comfort.

‎Dear God.. When I had been practicing Buddhism

For four year age 23. Year 2003 the primary God Head asked me Son what do you desire

With your heart and life on earth‎?

Without a blink or hesitation in thought my

response was to be amongst the 144 000

Poets chosen the high priests as we compose on

earth,we shall compose prophecies in our after life

be it Heaven or destiny.

I have enough material 3600 poem since age 19.

Please lord may I rest once I stop breathing.

Life is harsh and unkind. The lessons that make

you a man can shatter the confidence

The love of self is not enough.

Happiness remains a fond mystery, a shooting


What is one to do when his deepest wish comes to LIFE.

Thank The GODS and ask for more Time

So you can bless those around YOU who care...

My Soul my soul my Soul!!!

You raised me and my sister and you love my

Mother Joyce Thembani "Acoustic Angel" Ncala‎.

We always had a shelter in 1983 Soweto.

1983 we were ridding around in a green Mercedes

And the only Women you married and loved was

my mama......

1984 me and my sister Bongiwe enrolled at St

Paul's school in Orange Groove Johannesburg.

In the height of apartheid.

*uck the cowards that blasted you!closed casket 1987.

My mum Joyce was lecturing Nursing at

MEDUNSA in the late 1980s.

On your last day on your last day on earth you

Told me and my little sister to be good until you

come back,i was only 6 years old.

Mama never married again.

The love you and mama had for each other

Secured my ‎my Faith and future.

If it was not for your efforts parents

I would be broke homeless and crazy,

Which is the ambition of your younger sister

The Voodoo Witch Mrs Beauty Mkhize.

I know it's wrong but Dad I put you before God.

Let's us be cosy on earth and celebrate our

success in heaven.

Gods Poet Nkosi

Dear Dad Jabulani Emmanual "Black Dillinger" Ncala



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