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Decorating a Nursery: Making Nursery Art with Fabric

Updated on December 15, 2008
Giraffe Family
Giraffe Family

Want some pre-made fabric art that is matted and ready for framing? Go here.

With some patience you, too, can make your own nursery art using fabric and silohuettes.

  1. Simply find or draw a silohuette of the animal or shape you want to use for your art. Take it to your local copy store to increase or decrease the size to fit the picture frame or cavas you will be using.
  2. Purchase some fabric, fabric glue, and iron-on interfacing.
  3. Following interfacing instructions, iron it onto the fabric.
  4. Trace the silohuette of the shape you are going to cut onto the fabric.
  5. Using very sharp scissors, cut out the shape.
  6. Glue the shape onto a fancy peice of paper, a painted peice of canvas, plain canvas, or fabric covered canvas.
  7. Wala! You have art!



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