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Deviantart VS Tumblr

Updated on January 12, 2012

Over the years the site has had many people join and like many social sites has had its share of problems...most recently Deviantart came under fire for its lack of security for its users as personal information and art was stolen from "deviants" and used for personal gain by other art sites.

The other main problem is the lack of assistance that the staff gives to those who have serious complains. In my own personal experience I have been harassed by people known as "trolls" and when you report them it takes forever to get action done. Though you can ban the person they are still able to find means of harassing you. I was harassed about a piece I did and the girl who was harassing me reported the art I had done and just tried to push the limits, without review the staff of suspended my account and nothing was done to the girl who harassed me, further pointing out the lack of help and I believe intelligence of many of the deviantart staff.

The new social site favorite for art posting has become There people can post as they please and are free to do as they wish without the threat of the troll population. I have noticed that the Tumblr staff are very quick to help with any problems.

Many people from Deviantart have switched to Tumblr, either hardly being on DA anymore or just shutting down their account and moving to Tumblr completely. I myself have started a Tumblr and though I do prefer DA for my art, It is much more convenient to use Tumblr and less of a hassle with people.

Advantages of Tumblr

The advantages of having a Tumblr over a Deviantart are simple.

Easier access to your works , more support from staff, the security is more up to date, and finding what you want is much easier.

While the formats are very different, Deviantart being more of a gallery vs Tumblr being more of a blog, it is still nicer to have Tumblr to work on sometimes, especially when you need to avoid the trolls and just get back to the art.

I personally suggest getting a Tumblr is you are just starting out as a blogger or an art poster, but if you are already on Deviantart, again I suggest a Tumblr. With the way that Deviantart is going, I see Tumblr becoming the future while Deviant becomes more of an old gallery...It will be the myspace of art sites...


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