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Digital Drawings with Flockmod

Updated on May 4, 2015

We used a realtime online group drawing app called 'Flockmod' to draw these pictures. My friends have helped me to draw these pictures, encouraging words to cheer me on.

At Flockmod website, you can draw with layers for sketches, colours and backgrounds. I start with the sketches, then colour the sketch briefly with a straight forward colour. Then edit it and rub out bits that go out of lines or don’t look correct. After that, I would add some different colours and shade them together to make a different colour to look better. I add the eyes, shade them and finish the colouring. The good thing about the layers, is that when you do something on one layer, and you rub something off while on another layer, it won’t rub the thing you drew on a separate layer. After that is the background, I ALWAYS shade things in because straightforward colours, which don’t look as good as shaded ones.

Most of these pictures are based on the 'Warrior Cats' series. I've read some books and it is my taste of writing. Clans built of cats, live together in the forest until 'Shadowclan' breaks out. I love the adventure and talent in the writing that it makes me want to be in the story its self. I'd recommend you reading the samples since I love the series, and I am planning to continue reading.

Moon Wolf
Moon Wolf

1. Moon Wolf

This is my first digital drawing. I drew this when I was back in Glasgow, not the best quality but I shaded some parts and I think it’s pretty good for a beginner in digital arts. I've had an interest in wolves because they can always interact with the moon. I practically favor the moon more than the sun. Sometimes I catch myself gazing at the beautiful white moon, thinking about the future. I think this is a really good picture, even though I have drawn many better ones since then. Made with 'Paint'.

Lunar the Cat
Lunar the Cat

2. Lunar the Cat

This picture is based on the series 'Warrior Cats'. It is one of the black pelted characters which doesn't belong to a clan. These cats are called Loners or Rogues. This is a Loner, in the moonlight and a nearby river is reflecting the moon.

3. Tallstar
3. Tallstar

3. Tallstar

This is Tallstar, a character from 'Warrior Cats'. This character is in his 'den' which most other cats share. Tallstar is a leader, so he would have a private den to himself. I drew this with 'Flockmod' with layers. Tallstar is a tabby cat with white patches across his pelt. He also has sandy coloured eyes which reflect light, making his eyes shine.

Lumina the brown wolf
Lumina the brown wolf

4. Lumina the brown wolf

I decided to name this wolf Lumina, I was thinking of the moon and I used to like the name Lumina. This picture's background is simple, a light pink love heart with a faded ribbon beside. I shaded the heart and the ribbon so you could focus on the wolf. If you put the background too strong, people may find it difficult to actually focus on the main artwork. This was also made with 'Flockmod'.

5. Lionheart
5. Lionheart

5. Lionheart

This art was based on the 'Warrior Cats' series again, except this character isn't a leader. This character is one of my friend's favourites and I did this for her sake. Apparently, I didn't finish this one, but I loved it anyhow Made with 'Flockmod'.

6. Bluestar #2
6. Bluestar #2

6. Bluestar #2

This is my second drawing of Bluestar. I have done a better one which is the first one. This artwork is based on reality and also, the series 'Warrior Cats'. This character is also a leader, adding shadows and the moonlight is pretty easy to shade in. Made with 'Flockmod'.

7. Bluestar #1
7. Bluestar #1

7. Bluestar #1

This is the first drawing of Bluestar, a perfect, starry night with a beautiful full moon for Bluestar to be out in the clearing. Made with 'Flockmod'.

8. Anna Kitten
8. Anna Kitten

8. Anna Kitten

This name was based on a friend of mines, she is cute and fuzzy just like this little kitten. I drew this, visualizing her in my mind. She is a good friend and gets touchy at times. Made with 'Flockmod'.

9. The Wildcat

A shadowy figure, darting across the forest floor

It's pelt glowing white in the moonlight.

Eyes, gleaming yellow like sand from the seashore

Sinking it's fangs into it's prey without sight

---- Drawings and Text by Brenda Sheng


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