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Cyber Rainbow

Updated on November 5, 2017
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Digital, fractal and cyber art and write about anything I find strange, weird, bizarre or interesting.

Writing on Raindrops

Most people are attracted to bright colors found in nature. Rainbows are particularly alluring since they look like something drawn on raindrops and suspended from the sky

Images of Digital Rainbows

What I like about electronic rainbows is that the concept of rainbows is no longer confined to the sky or to the random refraction of light through thin films of dissimilar materials or even through crystals that grab a passing beam and squeeze it until it bleeds in color.

Rather we can imagine that rainbows come out of the very essence of the universe. The conversation of energy as it were. The spaces between the void whispering vacuum energy quickly before they are caught.

Rainbow on a Soup Can

There is also the random noise theory of rainbows. You throw up some color on a canvas in random ways at random intervals and if one splotch looks more interesting than the others you see if you can get someone to buy it. Hey, it's better than divination via entrails and at least on par with seeing the stars in tea leaves.

There are even rainbows in the gutter after it rains if the streets are oily enough.

Linear Rainbow

Not all rainbows have to be curved. I like to take artistic license with rainbows. Here we have an exemplar of a linear rainbow. The colors here have a dark tone than other linear rainbows I have produced. Fewer pastels and the rainbow contains a black streak as well.

Geometric Rainbows

I went hog wild with geometry on these images. I started our with some code that drew the basic shapes and then used techniques like changing the line thickness and image resizing and captured and rendered the end of effect. Some of he images work better than others. If I revisit this method again I will need to get ride of the blurring effect that seems to occur all too often.

Behold The Mathematical Universe!

If you let hyperbolic cosines and logarithmic spirals dictate the universe and sprinkle in some rainbows for seasoning sometimes the creations seem to take on a life of their own. After all, almost anything n the our universe has some kind of math in it somewhere. Even randomness has a branch of mathematics associated with it called statistics. So if you give the math it head and let it lead the way you may stumble in to pools of wonder of fountains of rainbows color. Or if you prefer, fluid mechanics and maps of magnetic fields.

Abstract Rainbow. Cyber Rainbow. Digital Rainbow. Fractal Rainbow.

I will sometimes make linear rainbows of different hues. I will on occasion associate arbitrary names with various rainbows to tell them apart. So I might call one of the rainbows an abstract rainbow in one place and a fractal rainbow or digital rainbow in another. I like the idea of say black rainbows or gray rainbows or orange rainbows. Sometimes I generate these effects by cycling through shades of a color. At other times due to just how some linear light effect came out there won't be gradients but just bands of color as in the orange rainbow. If I think it looks cool then I will keep it around whether it fits in a convenient shoebox or not.

Shot Through The Heart

There are various formulas for hearts and cardioid shapes . Combine that with rotation, translation and magnification as well and changes in color and you can generate an endless variety of hearts. One of my favorite hearts is the upside down heart. I sometimes refer to it as the SOS heart or the heart in distress, A circle of pink hearts can make emblazoned on for instance a wooden box could make for a pretty cool valentine's day gift. I also have heart designs placed on t-shirts, dresses, and all kinds of dangly bits like jewelry.

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