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Fractal Rainbow

Updated on April 21, 2015

Writing on Raindrops

Most people are attracted to bright colors found in nature. Rainbows are particularly alluring since they look like something drawn on raindrops and suspended from the sky

Images of Digital Rainbows

What I like about electronic rainbows is that the concept of rainbows is no longer confined to the sky or to the random refraction of light through thin films of dissimilar materials or even through crystals that grab a passing beam and squeeze it until it bleeds in color.

Rather we can imagine that rainbows come out of the very essence of the universe. The conversation of energy as it were. The spaces between the void whispering vacuum energy quickly before they are caught.

Rainbow on a Soup Can

There is also the random noise theory of rainbows. You throw up some color on a canvas in random ways at random intervals and if one splotch looks more interesting than the others you see if you can get someone to buy it. Hey, it's better than divination via entrails and at least on par with seeing the stars in tea leaves.

There are even rainbows in the gutter after it rains if the streets are oily enough.

Favorite Rainbows

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Rainbow Twist


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