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Do you need all the Crayons in the World?

Updated on December 8, 2016
Took this when drawing with my daughter with sidewalk chalk.
Took this when drawing with my daughter with sidewalk chalk.

We all make excuses.

We all make excuses on why we can not do something. Some of us go through life blaming everything around us. Most of the time some would say they can't get ahead because of this or that reason. In the end the only one to blame is yourself (sorry tuff love here). Stop pointing the finger at this world around you. You alone are responsible for how things are going to be in your life and future. Now not all of us are delt a good hand in life. Yes life is hard but it doesn't mean you have to give up! I want to give you an example of how some people make best of what they have. And hopefully this will give you some inspiration to push forward.


3 Crayons or All of them?

I've got a story that I enjoy telling. Not too sure where I've heard this story from but it makes sense. Doesn't have to be kids in this story it can be adults. But for the sake of the story they are kids for now. We sit both of the kids down at a table and ask them to draw and draw us a picture. The kid on the right does not give his best effort in things he does. We will call him Kid A. Now the other kid has always done his best. In fact he is a very talented in most things he does. Very positive attitude towards life. We will call him Kid B. Kid A and B are both at the table and we place some crayons and a piece of paper in front of them. Since Kid A has had it harder we will cut him a break. We give him every possible color in the world. He's got all the materials anyone could ever need. Now for Kid B we only give him the red,yellow and blue colors. Seems unfair when we look at it from a distance. We tell them to create a picture with the supplies given. Kid A grabs all his colors starts creating his image. Kid B takes his time and uses his 3 colors very carefully appreciating what he has.

We come back to the kids to see what they have created. We ask Kid A (the kid with the full set of crayons) to place his image in front of us and we look it over. The image looked bad. Yes some would say ,"Hey it's his creative freedom!" But this image was bad considering he had every color he could possibly need. In fact it was so bad the judges burned it as soon as he walked away. No one should have to have that horrible vision stuck in their minds. Now for Kid B we ask to see what he created. Everyone stops in aw of what was created. He created a master piece with only 3 crayons. In fact he even made extra colors by blending together two colors together. The judges are amazed by the master piece he created.

If there is a will there is a way.

Kid A complained the whole time. Saying how the crayons were not the right brand. Excuse after excuse came from him. Mean while kid B didn't really say much about anything. The point I'm getting at here is that in life you may not have all the crayons in the world. Some of us only have one crayon and that's okay. And some of us can have every crayon in the world and still not be happy. We have to learn in life we all have walked a different path. Some of us will always come out on top no matter how bad the situation looks. So keep your head up and make the best of what life has given you. But till you admit that you alone are responsible for your own out come in life only then you'll see good changes. Push forward and use that one crayon to color the rest of your life. And who knows you'll end up with all the colors in the end once you see you have always had all you needed.

I made this video using Adobe Spark.

Quick video

I have a quick video I made here that also tells what I am trying to explain. I made this video using Adobe Spark. It's a very fun and easy app you can download and play with. Very user friendly too!

This is the same story but told in a different way. Either way I'm just trying to get a point across and inspire you to do more in life. So of us are visual people and some of us like to read and process things for ourselves.


I hope this gives you a different perspective on things. I don't expect you to see a change over night with this story. But I do hope you would think about it and see that we have to make the best of things. Enjoy life and keep pushing forward. Make this world a beautiful place and see the good in each other. And don't worry if you have only one crayon in life. Don't let that stop you from making your master piece! Cause you have what it takes to make one.


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