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Dr. Andrew shows How to make a Balloon Heart

Updated on September 24, 2010

Balloon Heart in a Heart

Andrew the Balloon Man
Andrew the Balloon Man

picture 1

picture 2

Basic Heart

The most basic heart takes one balloon. This can be made either with a 260 or a 160. But to do it with one 350 would be difficult.

Blow up the balloon completely; but before you tie the balloon, you need to let some air out to relax the pressure of the balloon. Furthermore, when you tie it, tie it once with a square knot using the nozzle and the end. I used to tie the balloon closed and then tied it to the end. This was wasting time and energy because this took two ties instead of just one.

Now, you need measure the balloon in halves. Do this by pulling the tied end with one hand and the other side with your thumb. Do not pull hard because this will cause the balloon to have the wrong shape. When you find the middle, take it between your index finger and thumb of your right hand. Make a "C" with your empty hand, left. Pull the center of the heart down through the "C" of your left hand.

When you pull the center down, this will put two sides of the balloon in the left hand. The secret to making the dip in the heart stay is to being somewhat rough at this stage of the making. You need to grip the balloon in the left hand until almost no air can go between the center of the balloon and the rest of the balloon.

Take the center of the balloon in the right hand and squeeze the balloon hard short of breaking it, obviously. If your left hand is tight enough, you should hear the air "wheezing" through the left hand.

Continued below.


Picture 3

Picture 4

Picture 5

Teddy Bear Holding a Little Heart

Flower in Heart

Picture 6

Picture 8

Final instructions


Before letting go with the left hand, you need to take each of the arches of the heart and roll them against the balloon. You do this by taking the balloon below the arch. Then you roll it up in the direction of the arrow, as the top two pictures show. This will increase the arches and make them more even. Then you can let go with your left hand.

Next, near the tied part, take each side and push it in toward the inside of the heart. This will put an accent on the heart that makes it look just right.

Finally, you need to check the heart from different angels and make it is symmetrical, especially from the side angle.

by Andrew Grosjean

all rights reserved

Final Product

Balloon Video of Teddy Bear holding a Heart


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