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Manga Drawing Books: Monster Book Of More Manga

Updated on October 7, 2013

Monster Book Of More Manga

 Drawing manga is an art form onto itself and the very style of Manga is instantly recognizable and there are many draw manga books available to buy online and so the best series of books that I am getting into at the moment is the Monster Books of Manga at the moent I've only bought this one, but I've ordered the Monster book of Manga Girls which goes through the many ways to draw manga girls in every detail and character types.

This book though that I've had for awhile now, I've gone through every page and it really is a good book that shows you the 6 step process of drawing many different things in a manga style with over 365 pages worth of manga drawing gold, I certainly have been having fun trying to draw the many things in this book,as the step by step instructions are easy to follow and they are created in such a way that you want to try and come up with your own interpretations of the drawings, instead of merely copying them.

There are 10 main chapters which cover some quite diverse creatures that inhabit the manga worlds,after the 2 page short introduction into what Manga is, we start with the drawing sections, and here are the chapters the book covers:

Pets- Some creatures like phoenix's and a couple of cute manga characters which are quite fun.

Beauties- This section covers a few manga girl drawing tutorials and the best one I like is the Alien Warrior Princess as the colour just seem to shine on her, certainly an inspiration this section is.

Mythical Creatures- My favourite mythical creatures as we see Medusa being created and which has been drawn in such a way that you want to have a go yourself, there's also a minotaur drawing too which looks good to draw.

Sentai - Sentai essentially means task force or battle team and can include the Power Rangers and things of this kind that battle the evil forces and all that cool stuff. There's even a Guyver type armoured unit you can have a go at drawing.

Giants- A couple of monsters and robots to draw, which is always a manga favourite, up until now this book has inspired me to come up with manga drawing tutorials of my own, so watch this space!!

Martial Arts- Kung-fu character types are all drawn out here and the ninja one looks quite cool, which has the classic manga style of open arm costume with samurai sword and some of the other martial arts characters look like they could be straight out of Street Fighter or something.

Heroes - A classic Samurai and a couple of other random characters are explored here, can't beat the Samurai though as it looks like a traditional Samurai warrior. 

Villains- Your classic villains can be found here and there's a mixed bag of them to learn how to draw and I found that if you draw and copy a couple and then tried to draw your own stuff on the others, you actually seem to learn more about the manga way of drawing, it's like you are subconsciously studying the manga force.

Professional - This section is slightly advanced as it displays drawing in perspective in some and advanced ways of blocking in figures, the battle with the giant monster drawing is something straight out of Power Rangers or the old Godzilla films where the characters are huge sky scraper giants fighting it out and causing damage to any building around.

Coloring Techniques- This stage deals with the manga coloring techniques that can be applied to your manga art with paints and you could use what you learn here to use computer coloring in the same way, although not as intensive as it could have been, but it is interesting nonetheless to see a professional way of coloring manga.

Overall, I found the book very inspiring and once you go through the book after a period of intense study and drawing practice you feel much more confident at drawing manga stuff, although the Manga art style is a hard one to grasp if you are like me, influenced by the American comics since high school, but it's fun trying to draw some of this much loved and inspirational Japanese created forms.

I recommend this book to artists who are getting on well with their art, but would like to have a go at some advanced Manga art studies and this book is definitely a comprehensive art book that delivers on what it says on the front cover "Draw Like The Experts"

Buy The Monster Book Of More Manga From Amazon

Take A Look At The Monster Book Of Manga - Draw Like The Experts

If you want to take a look inside the book, then watch this video that I put together so you can see what's on offer in the manga book, there's drawing tutorials galore to be found!

Manga Drawing Book Video Review

Draw Manga Book

How to draw manga book, draw manga with the monster book of more manga.      Image source -
How to draw manga book, draw manga with the monster book of more manga. Image source -

© 2010 Wayne Tully

Draw Manga Books - Monster Book Of Manga

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    • Wayne Tully profile image

      Wayne Tully 7 years ago from United Kingdom

      Cheers's a great book and one that I really recommend to those who want to earn how to draw manga art, with some good inspirational drawing tutorials.

    • MKayo profile image

      MKayo 7 years ago from Texas

      Concise review of the book, especially for anyone wanting to buy it. Thx.