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How To Draw A Flaming Skull Step By Step

Updated on August 28, 2011

How To Draw A Flaming Skull Video Series

Drawing a flaming skull is what we are going to look at here, with step by step videos that will show you how to draw a flaming skull from the start to the finished pencil drawing.

The first video - Sketching our flaming skull shape

In the first video I go through just creating a skull shape from which to start our flaming skull drawing fun and I suppose the beginning draft drawings are the best and most important step as you determine your drawings structure for later steps in the drawing process.

Sketching lightly you draw an oval shape and mark out the cross shape to start which will mark the eyes and the other features will be drawn around it.

Remember as well as the step by step drawing videos below which show you how to draw a flaming skull, there is a single video right at the end of this tutorial which condenses the steps into one single video, it's of another flaming skull design but you can gain some skull drawing inspiration out of it thought.

Drawing A Flaming Skull

Drawing A Flaming Skull - Skull drawing copyright Wayne Tully 2009.
Drawing A Flaming Skull - Skull drawing copyright Wayne Tully 2009.

Draw A Flaming Skull: Step One - First Skull Shape Sketch

Step 2 - Loosely Draw In The Eyes And Sketch Features

 Here I mark in the eyes and loosely draw the teeth, although really light at this stage, because you need to work out the skull shape and structure as a whole first, before you tackle the teeth and other details surrounding them.

I also mark out a bit of the jaw, so that I can roughly level up the teeth with that to give me a loose guide for the next step below.

Drawing A Flaming Skull: Step Two - Sketch In The Eyes And Draft Around Them

Step 3 - Defining The Skulls Facial Features

 In this video we quickly go through defining the jawline and cheekbones, so that the skulls design is more apparent and we also draw in the teeth, so that we now see the skull image coming through and so we can now progress onto the next level of our flaming skull design.

Drawing A Flaming Skull: Step Three - Defining The Pencil Lines

Step 4 - Shading The Skull And Filling In The Details

 Here I start to shade the skull in the right places, under the eyes and in the mouth behind the skull teeth, it's at this point now that details need to be added as we can do his now because the skull design is nearly complete.

You can see that the skull image looks a lot better now and all that remains is to draw in the flames and we are done for the pencil sketch.

Drawing A Flaming Skull: Step Four - Shading And Details

Step 5 - Flame Drawing Around Our Skull

 Here I simply draw flames around the skull drawing we have done and you can do this in a random way of course, because no one will know what flames are real, so long as they roughly look like flames, but they are easy to draw.

This completes the flaming skull tutorial with this pencil sketch, I may in the future go back and ink it and then color it so that might be 2 more videos to update this video article tutorial.

Drawing A Flaming Skull: Step Five - Draw The Flames Surrounding The Skull

Draw Flaming Skull Condensed Video Inspiration

How To Draw A Flaming Skull

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    • profile image

      DR3 6 years ago

      I like all the drawinings you have inspired me to start back drawing again

    • Wayne Tully profile image

      Wayne Tully 8 years ago from United Kingdom

      Thanks I have more planned as I launch a couple of books next year, well that's the plan anyway!

    • ethel smith profile image

      Eileen Kersey 8 years ago from Kingston-Upon-Hull

      This is great stuff Wayne. Step by step on-line.