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Drawing Halloween Mask Ideas

Updated on September 17, 2011

Draw Halloween Mask Ideas

Vampire Skull Art drawn by Wayne Tully 2011.
Vampire Skull Art drawn by Wayne Tully 2011.

Halloween Mask Ideas To Draw

I'm sure you've seen those detailed Halloween masks available to buy and they are the most highly detailed and quite collectible masks around, especially the hand painted quality and amount of creative effort applied to make them amazing latex Halloween masks. But with every creative thing there has to have been some planning and ideas sketched out beforehand for a great mask product to be created in the first place.

Drawing a Halloween mask requires you to know a little bit about the facial structure first and then just a lot of imagination thrown in for good measure. Here are a selection of Halloween mask ideas to try and have a go at and draw and please don't feel daunted by some of them because the masks are what you can sketch if you try and tap into9 your own imagination by at first watching someone else do it. (And that's me by the way!)

The first thing to consider is all the classics of Halloween, such as a Pumpkin, Witch, Vampire, Frankenstein's Monster or some other ghoulish terror that would seem cool to try and draw. I've opted for some of the classics but then combined them a little to at least try and make them unique or look different.

The art video below is an intended look at one possible mask idea of a demonic creature mask and these are the most easiest to try and draw as you simply have to know the basic structure of the head with all the main features and just draw large spiky teeth in for effect.

Draw A Halloween Mask Idea Video

Halloween Mask Concepts

The concept sketch is everything as it is a quick sketch to capture an idea, a moment were you get things right for a mask design and you have something that you can build on and develop further. Ideally you want to exhaust a few areas of your own expertise first, for instance if you are great at drawing skulls then you might want to try and draw some quick skull mask design concepts in every way imaginable to get you started.

New ideas always come together after a lengthy drawing session and it's a creative way of working that helps you come up with new ideas. Take a look at the video below and see a draft sketch which looks a little rough around the edges, but nevertheless it's a design idea for a possible Halloween mask and that is something that can be worked out at a later date or even the next day.

Watch the quick sketch video to give you an idea how to sketch something quite quickly...

Sketch A Halloween Mask Quick Art Video

Learn To Draw Basic Faces

Once you master how to draw a face, you can then progress on to drawing more complex face and head designs, use what you learn and stretch things with a little bit of imagination to help you along. Always look to push your mask designs and keep an eye on what's already out there to inspire you.

Watch the drawing video below to find out how to draw a simple face and once you can do this, you can ptretty much draw any head or face that you can think of, sure it may take a couple of sketches, but any artist will tell you that's part of the artistic process, rarely does a single drawing happen right off the bat, you have to work on them ideas and flesh them out further to make them work.

Draw A Simple Face And Then You Can Draw Any Face

More Quick Drawing Mask Ideas For Halloween Videos

Draw Halloween Mask Ideas

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    • waynet profile image

      Wayne Tully 6 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom

      cheers now! I'm going to follow up with this one and do some more focused videos on halloween masks ideas because it's fun. Might try and make a mask too.

    • thranax profile image

      Andrew 6 years ago from Rep Boston MA

      Very nice guide to creating a Halloween mask.


      In college in basic drawing one fall semester for extra credit we could create a Halloween mask for an extra test grade. It was a lot of fun to see what people came up with and was one of the few tasks we could have full creative control over. So this is not just a kids project at all, anyone any age could have fun doing it.

      Thanks for sharing!