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Drawing Manga With Mark Crilley

Updated on August 10, 2012

How To Draw Manga With Mark Crilley

Mark Crilley is a manga Artist whose own manga comic book creations Miki Falls, Brody's Ghost and numerous others have captured the imagination of Artists and people wanting to learn how to draw the popular Manga art style. Mark has a very popular YouTube channel which is devoted to teaching drawing manga art and also naturally to promote his own books through the marketing medium of YouTube itself.

Mark Crilley has created lots of great videos over the past few years, including a mix of time lapse drawings and actual spoken commentary art videos which help Artists with instruction through inspiration. Often his videos are really well thought out from actual requests from his subscribers or a random thought to create a new video.

I have organized his best videos into sections below and hopefully you can follow a blueprint on drawing manga from basic how to drawing videos on sketching eyes, heads and figure proportions.

Draw Manga Eyes

In this drawing video there are 100 ways to draw manga eyes and this is really a useful video as the eyes on a manga face are as important as the hair and the overall feel of each manga character you draw. The classic large eyes drawn in a manga art style are demonstrated for you here! So take a look!

100 Ways To Draw Manga Eyes

Drawing a Female Manga Head With Facial Features

Perhaps the most useful video and inspiring one is this one on drawing a manga female head in proportion with all of the facial features such as the eyes, nose, ears and hair and mouth all draw correctly. Mark Crilley's videos only get better as he has done a decent amount of different drawing tutorials for drawing manga.

Draw Manga Shape Head And Facial Features

Drawing Manga Hair

Drawing manga hair can be tricky sometimes especially as the hair looks like it takes on a life of it's own when it has to be drawn like it appears to flow in the wind and here Mark demonstrates how to draw manga hair in four different ways.

4 Ways To Draw Manga Hair

Draw Manga Figures In Motion

Manga art is all about action, so trying to convey the motion of characters like they are running or jumping you can create and bring your manga characters to life. This video is super useful for learning how to draw figures in motion.

Drawing A Manga Figure In Motion

Drawing Fighting Figures

Drawing manga fight poses is an extension of the above video showing you how to create dynamic fighting style characters. As usual the drawing demonstrations are enough to show you ideas on how to draw fighting poses and manga characters in motion.

Drawing Manga Fight Poses

Drawing A Dragon

My favorite drawing video of drawing a Dragon which is right in my area of interests. The Dragon drawing is top notch and very inspiring to watch particularly as he draws in the background first and then overlays the Dragon on top which is the sign of a professional Artist.

My Favorite Drawing Video Of Mark Crilley

Mark Crilley Draws Manga

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    • Wayne Tully profile image

      Wayne Tully 5 years ago from United Kingdom

      Yes Mark Crilley is a great manga Artist and they are very inspirational! Cheers now!

    • Doc Sonic profile image

      Glen Nunes 5 years ago from Cape Cod, Massachusetts

      Crilley is great. I've learned a lot from his videos. Your tutorials are quite good too! Keep 'em coming!