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Drawing Tutorials For Kids

Updated on October 11, 2010

Kids Drawing Tutorials

Kids can easily become creative when they have something creative to do, for example in the case of drawing something they may need a little instruction and then from there they can draw what they want with a little starting guidance they can go their own way and draw something based on quick tutorials that you lay out for them.

So I've scoured the Internet for some great drawing tutorials for kids and there are some cool stuff to draw and imaginative too. Take a look below....

How to draw an orc - This drawing tutorial is a bit of a complex one, but inspirational and it can give you ideas on how to approach the task of drawing an orc creature. Orcs are popular fantasy creatures and any types of monsters always capture the imaginations of little minds.

How to draw Tinkerbelle - Learning to draw this classic fairy from Peter Pan can be challenging but fun, especially for young girls. My daughter likes this one as she is practicing drawing her favorite fairy Tinkerbelle

Drawing a Dinosaur - This is a fun drawing tutorial of a cartoon stegasaurus dinosaur and it comes in many steps, so be prepared to practice this one as the end result looks fun as you can see on the tutorial starting page.

Drawing a T-Rex Dinosaur - Another cartoon dinosaur drawing with the popular T-rex, my son likes drawing dinosaurs as he has a book that he copies from quite a lot. Dinosaurs are more fascinating because they actually existed which just blows kids minds, especially their imaginations.

Drawing Cartoon Car - Cars are quite hard to draw for most kids, but this drawing tutorial simplifies the process, although still takes some practice to get a good result at the end. Drawing cars at basic cartoon level really does help you create some good looking cars and you can then progress onto something more realistic using reference photos in any number of motoring magazines.

Drawing Cartoon Animals - A page that has lots of cartoon animals to draw and cartoon animals are very popular with what kids see on the TV in cartoons as everywhere you turn there are cartoon animals on most cartoon programs, so learning to draw animals in cartoon form is a great way to again figure out the basic ways to draw some of your favorite animals.

Kids Drawing Tutorials

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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Really cool Wayne. Do you own the drawingcoach site...that is an excellent site for kids.

    • waynet profile imageAUTHOR

      Wayne Tully 

      8 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom

      Cool Cheers Katiem!

      Am doing a good few more hubpage drawing tutorials then am trying my hand at some paid ebooks on drawing stuff too, should be cool!

    • katiem2 profile image


      8 years ago from I'm outta here

      My 14 year old has been enjoying your drawing tips. Drawing tutorials for kids are much appreciated.

      She's been accepted into the IB dipolma program. Look out she's on her way. She's created an entire species of new creatures. They are just fantastic and magical. WOW! Keep em coming!

    • waynet profile imageAUTHOR

      Wayne Tully 

      8 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom

      Cheers K9...I hope to create some good drawing tutorials for kids myself as a break from the horror and fantasy stuff I've become so used to.

    • K9keystrokes profile image

      India Arnold 

      8 years ago from Northern, California

      Nice collection of drawing tutorials for kids Waynet. Thank you for sharing them with us.


    • waynet profile imageAUTHOR

      Wayne Tully 

      8 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom

      Yeah my son draws many dinosaurs and his art style is becoming cartoonized now.

      Cheers now!

    • Tom_Radford profile image

      Tom Radford 

      8 years ago from Singapore

      Great stuff! I'll show my son some of these ... particularily the T-Rex one, he's nuts about them!

    • waynet profile imageAUTHOR

      Wayne Tully 

      8 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom

      Cheers now!

      Yeah the cartoon animal drawing tutorials are worth a good look as there are quite a few in there to keep your kids busy drawing some cool stuff.

    • LSKing profile image


      8 years ago from East Coast United States

      Oh gosh, this is so awesome! My son is naturally artistic and enjoys challenging himself with new things to draw. All of my kids could use these drawing tutorials to fill my frig full of art work. Thanks for sharing!


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