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How To Market Your Bath And Body Products

Updated on March 21, 2011

If you make and market your own bath and body products and are having a hard time selling them, you could benefit from dressing up your products in fun, eye-catching packages.

Even the most wonderful bars of soap need a little "oomph" to dress them up. It's all about marketing. If it looks good, it must "be" good, right? Below are some tips to dress up your bath and body products. These tips are useful for people trying to sell their wares, as well as someone who is making their best friend a gift.

Presentation is very much a part of how well a product sells or how attractive a gift it will make. Soap looks really nice wrapped in fabric or tissue.

A cigar band type label will accent the wrapping without covering it up. A nice final touch can be added by using raffia or ribbon to tie a bow around the soap. Insert a nice little silk flower into the bow for an additional pretty touch. Raffia looks nice with tissue wrapped bars and ribbon looks nice with fabric wrapped bars.

If you're not particularly crafty with fabric and ribbon, there are many styles of colorful, pretty soap boxes that you can purchase and use to hold your handmade soaps.

Bath salts and milk bath can be dressed up with nice packaging too. Dollar store glass bottles with corks make perfect containers for these products. Use raffia or ribbon to tie on a nice bow. If the bottle is going to be transported, especially if it is going to be mailed, the cork can be hot glued on to prevent any spills.

Another way to package salts and milk baths is in fabric bags. First place the product in a plastic, cello type bag and tape it closed. Then make a 4"x7" bag from the fabric of your choice. Burlap and Muslin look very nice if tied off with raffia and stamped with ivy. Pretty patterned fabrics look nice with ribbon ties. Again, the use of silk flowers is a nice touch. Labels can hang from the ties. These bags are easy to make. Just cut a piece of fabric 4"X14", fold in half and sew up the sides. The top can be left unfinished for a country look. These bags can also be "no-sew" if fusible web is used to seal up the sides.

Bath bombs and kids soaps that are embedded with toys should be in clear, cello bags so the gift can be seen.

Little wooden crates look great when used as gift baskets, even to display one bar of soap. Wicker baskets look great too.

Look for unusual display containers. Consider metal bowls, baskets with lids, flower pots, little wooden wheel barrows, metal baskets, baskets made from bark, pottery, or handmade paper-mache bowls.

Include special items in gift baskets. Wooden hair and nail brushes, small wooden framed mirrors, candles, tea bags, wooden or metal scoops for salts or milk baths, pretty tea cups, bookmarks, and stick matches are all nice additions to a basket.

Presentation is important when giving or selling gifts. People often say that the wrapping on a gift is as exciting as the gift itself. Keep that in mind when packaging your bath and body products.


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