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EK Success Tools - Paper Punch & Cutter For Easy Shape Cutouts

Updated on February 21, 2016
EK Success Tool Flower Punch
EK Success Tool Flower Punch

I love working with card stocks. Nothing beats having a craft family time with my kids cutting away, and trying to make birthday cards, mother's day or father's day cards, or even cards for a graduating friend or family.

The result of a handmade card or album is always rewarding. Regrettably, I haven't done that in a while. One reason is because two of my three kids are now in high school and scrap booking or card making just doesn't seem to be of any interest to them. The other reason is because I now work outside of the home, in addition to being here on hub pages, leaving little or no time for my hobbies.

Recently, something got my attention and got me craving the satisfaction of working with card-stocks. It's a really neat product that I stumbled upon, pretty nifty set of tools that's just perfect for cutting cute little shapes and designs into or out of card stocks. This product is the EK Success Tools Punch.

EK Success Cutters & Edgers For Scrapbooking

EK Success Tools Punch is a family of cardstock punching tools that makes cutting and edging shapes out of paper a breeze. These tools a very versatile, an are a great addition to any other scrapbooking tools you already have. They come in different sizes, and each has its own built in shape or design.

The EK Success Cutters and Edgers have a very sturdy design. Their compact sizes make them easy to store in little craft boxes or drawers, and, they are easy to use, much like any other punch out there.

The EK Success Tools Punch comes in two category: the cutter punches, and the edger punches.

EK Success Paper Shape Punch

The EK paper cutters are for cutting different shapes out of the card stocks. These shapes can then be transferred and used as decorative shapes on your cards or albums, whichever project you're working on. EK paper shape punches come in small, medium, and large; this gives you the small to large size type shapes.

EK Success Edger Punch

With the edger punches, you can have the ones that punches decorative edges on your card stocks. This option lets you have a nicely lace looking edge on your card stock. You can also have edge punches that will give you a chained-edge piece that pulls out of your card stock.

This is good for if you need to use it to decorate a separate piece of card stock. These two edger punches work pretty much the same way.


See How They Work...

EK Success Tools Punches and Edgers Are Not Die Cut Machines

EK Success Tools Punches and Edgers are not die-cut machines, even though they do cut papers into shapes. Unlike die-cut machines; which are bigger, bulkier and work dependent of the die templates or cartridges, these punches and edgers works independently of the others. Their built-in cutter and edger blades are not interchangeable or transferable to other machines or tools.


EK Success Tools Punches and Edgers Are Not As Versatile As Die-Cut Machines

As with some die-cut machines that are easily adapted to cutting different size shapes and letters by simply adjusting the machine settings, the EK Success Tools Punches and Edgers do not have this adaptability. The punches and edgers' template sizes for cutting the shapes cannot be adjusted to different sizes. To get a bigger size shape, you simply have to buy a bigger size punch for that desired shape. So for every different size shape, you'll need to invest on a different punch or edger.

Does that make the EK Success Tools Punches and Edgers a more expensive tool for cutting shapes or edging? Not really. It all depends on what you're working with. If your project requires a limited amount of shape and you can get it all using a few of the EK Success Tools, which may cost you somewhere under $100, then EK Success Tools is the way to go, since most die-cut machines will cost just about the same, and sometimes more (adding the cost of die templates).

But, if you're working on an elaborate project that requires using different shapes of different sizes over a period of time, then investing in a die-cut machine may be more economical for you. Just make sure you do your research on the different die-cut machines out there, so you'll know which one is best for you.


©Comfort Babatola - June 2012

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    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 5 years ago

      I love hole punch tools. I use the cut outs for confetti, game pieces and to decorate cards. Good hub and very useful.