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Easy Colorful Bookmarks

Updated on March 26, 2015

Easy Handmade Bookmarks

I have a way for you to make beautiful bookmarks just about as quick as you can make up the designs. You don't have to be a trained artist to make these bookmarks. If you can doodle and have a variety of felt tip or brush tip artist's markers you're on your way to making striking bookmarks.

You will need heavy weight cardstock (textured card stock can add some interest to your bookmarks), a variety of markers (Prang, Prismacolor, Blick's), really any marker will do, but these are my favorite brands, felt of any color (usually comes in sizes of 9" x 11" or larger) and, I recommend a quilt cutter which is much easier to use than scissors for cutting out your bookmarks. Using a ruler (t-square is best if you have one) mark out 1.5 inch by 4 inch long rectangles on your cardstock. Start doodling with your markers. You will be pleasantly surprised at how many designs you can come up with. The art markers by Prismacolor or Blick's Art Supplies are especially nice because they are transparent so you can layer different colors over one another to get more subtle colors. When you have all the designs you want, cut out the individual bookmark designs. Use white glue and spread an even thin layer on back of bookmark and then press onto felt. If you get glue on your design, don't panic. Take a slightly damp cloth and blot off glue. Once you have all bookmarks glued down onto the felt and you have wiped off any glue spots and the designs are completely dry, place a piece of wax paper or another sheet of felt over bookmarks and flip them over. Place heavy books on top and let set for 24 hours.

Once bookmarks have set slice them apart using the quilt making cutter. You will get a very clean line. Cut on a graphed self healing cutting mat for straight lines. You will be surprised and pleased with how well these bookmarks turn out.

Outline of Instructions and Materials Needed

Materials Needed:

  • Artist markers (Prang brush markers, Prismacolor Art Markers or Blick Artist Markers)
  • Heavy weight cardstock
  • Felt
  • White Glue
  • Quilting Cutter
  • T-square or clear graphic design triangle

How To

  1. Measure out rectangles on 9"x11" heavy weight white card stock or any color you wish
  2. Measurements should be about 1.5" wide by 4" long
  3. Draw whatever design you want in these rectangles, but keep in mind a bold design works very well in this limited drawing space
  4. Color in with markers. Try overlaying some colors. Some beautiful results can be achieved with art markers. Experiment with color overlays with a swatch of the card stock
  5. Cut out bookmark designs with an exacto knife or scissors (if you very steady handed)
  6. Glue onto felt
  7. Lay another piece of felt on top. Lay heavy books on top so bookmarks will dry flat (overnight)
  8. Cut out bookmarks with quilting cutter and triangle or t-square to get a clean straight line
  9. If you wish to add some sort of tassel to bookmark hole punch the top of bookmark and fasten a ribbon or jute using a simple slipknot

**If you get glue onto the designed part of you bookmarks, do not panic. Take a slightly damp washcloth and blot over glue spot. It should come up very easily.


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