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Easy Crafts for Kids

Updated on August 5, 2017

Make Refrigerator Magnets

Use clothes pins and adhesive magnetic tape to create adorable yet functional refrigerator magnets. First affix a large strip of magnetic tape to one side of the clip. On the other side, glue colorful mini pom poms and googly eyes to create creepy caterpillars. Or adhere foam cut-out shapes, numbers and letters. When finished, stick your new magnet on the fridge and use it to hang other works of art, report cards and invitations.

Create Puppets

Old mismatched socks and paper lunch bags can easily become hand puppets. Use markers to draw on the face and hair, or adorn your puppets with buttons and yarn. Model your puppets after characters from your favorite story to read as a family and act out new adventures. Or create your own characters and devise the story line yourself. Put on a puppet show for friends and neighbors.

Build Musical Instruments

Use household products to create a family band. Fill toilet paper rolls with dry rice or dehydrated peas, cover the ends and decorate to make shakers. Tie small bells onto paper plates with yarn or thread to create a tambourine. Transform a cereal box and chopsticks into a drum set. Cover one end of a paper towel roll with wax paper and secure it with a rubber band to make a horn. Use a shoe box, ruler and rubber bands to fashion a guitar. Write a song or perform a family favorite.

Craft Ornaments

A family Christmas ornament is a great way to commemorate the passing of another year. Place a family picture inside a fillable plastic ball and decorate, or have everyone sign their names to a ceramic piece that you all painted. Get creative with your ornaments. Consider donating ornaments to a local giving tree or needy families in the area. Try ornaments without a Christmas theme any time of year.

Paint a Mural

Cover a wall with a mural of hand prints, family silhouettes, an underwater scene or jungle adventure. Stencil patterns on the wall and let every one paint, or do the painting on a large piece of butcher paper which you can easily take down and replace. Draw freehand or project an image and trace it.

Design T-Shirts

Tie dye T-shirts or use fabric makers, puffy paints and iron-ons to create your own designs. Try to match as a family or you can each create your own. These shirts will be great for lounging around the house or keeping track of everybody on a family outing.


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    • profile image

      Terka 3 years ago

      My daughter would love this. She is alwyas pretending the curtains is her stage and tells me she is going to be brave because there a lot of people watching her dance. yzgirl4[at]verizon[dot]net

    • profile image

      Herculles 3 years ago

      OK, I have just started puntitg together a new fun educational play room for my four kids which will also double as our home-school room. I have planned for one of the four corners to be a dramatic play area with a puppet theatre, but wasn't sure how to accomplish this yet. WOW! This would be perfectly fantastic!

    • cindy.dauer profile image

      cindy.dauer 7 years ago from Oregon

      Thanks! These ideas are all kid tested and approved!

    • StarryNightsDiva profile image

      Alissa 7 years ago from Rocky Hill, CT

      Great hub! Thanks for sharing!