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Easy Recylable Kids Craft Ideas for Easter

Updated on October 13, 2013
Dying Easter eggs.
Dying Easter eggs. | Source
Make a bookmark from old Easter cards.
Make a bookmark from old Easter cards.

Easy Craft Ideas

Easter-theme colors are generally soft pastels or soft, earthy tones, which go well with a variety of different crafts the family can make together. Here are some easy crafts that go along with the renewable Easter theme.

Bookmark Ideas

Bookmarks are great projects for kids to make and give out to family members. Cut out strips of different colored cardstock and decorate with chicks, Easter eggs and flowers using markers and colored pencils. Punch out a hole at the top of each bookmark, and help the kids attach a ribbon to the card.

Ribbons can also be used as the bookmark themselves, and can be used with whatever ribbon is in the craft box. Measure out different lengths of spare grosgrain ribbon, a little longer than the book being read. Help the kids sew different buttons on the edge to decorate, using buttons in soft pastels, or in the shape of ducks or flowers.

Easter Magnets

Magnets sheets can turn ordinary paper into fun craft ideas for Easter. Magnets can be made with any leftover cardstock or construction paper in the craft pile. Purchase sheets of magnets the same size as the sheet of paper being used. Have the kids draw out different sized Easter eggs, bunny rabbits and flowers. Color in the drawings using paints, markers or crayons. Let dry if necessary. Peel the protective backing off of a magnet sheet and carefully align the cardstock on top. Press to seal together and remove any air pockets. Help the kids cut out the pictures and use as magnets for the refrigerator or a magnetic craft board.

Fruit-flavored cereal makes a great craft ingredient. Just don't eat the finished project.
Fruit-flavored cereal makes a great craft ingredient. Just don't eat the finished project.

Easter Cereal Flowers

Using a plain paper plate, draw and cut out large flower heads. Glue or tape recycled and cleaned Popsicle sticks to the back. Supervising the little ones, have the kids glue colorful cereals onto the front in different patterns. If the cereal pieces are larger, have the kids apply drips of glue where they want their cereal, then press and let dry. If the cereal is small, help them brush the entire flower head with glue, and sprinkle on in different shapes, rows, or patterns, and then let the project dry.

Homemade Paper Bag Baskets

Rather than purchasing baskets that will be used once for Easter baskets, have kids create their own for the Easter egg hunt using paper bags, ribbon and colorful stickers and markers. This can also be a fun craft project before the hunt if you are hosting a party. White sandwich bags work the best since they can be colored easily, or use small paper gift bags with handles already attached.

Have kids color as desired the front, back and sides of the paper bags. If using sandwich bags, fold down the top of the bags to create a double-layer lip around two inches from the top. Punch out holes on either side to tie ribbon as a handle. The bag is now custom decorated making it easy for each child to find their basket, and will be strong enough to hold many lightweight plastic eggs hidden for the Easter hunt.

Last year's plastic eggs make nice egg people for this year.
Last year's plastic eggs make nice egg people for this year.


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