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Easy To Make Acorn Lamp

Updated on February 28, 2010

My Homemade Acorn Lights

Bringing a touch of nature into your home greets visitors in a warm and friendly way. An acorn is just one of the beautiful gifts from Mother Nature. Acorns change from light green to amber to brown as they mature, and can be re-created in your home.

There is a hanging light with three glass globes that I just never took a liking to. I wanted to get rid of the light, but at times it does come in handy as an extra reading light. So, the alternative was to either get a different light or change the one already there. I opted for the later, and decided the amber globes looked similar to the bottom of an acorn. From that I toyed with ideas and thoughts of how I could alter the brass globe tops to resemble acorn caps.

I turned on the lights and left them on for about an hour, to determine just how hot the brass plates get. Turned out the metal did not get hotter than lukewarm, so I didn't think a fire hazard existed. Probably could or should have sprayed the felt with fire-retardant, but since the lights are rarely used, I didn't feel the need.

I purchased shades of green and brown felt from a craft store. Then measured and cut 2 inch squared from some, and cut oak leaves from others. I began by placing a dot of hot glue to a square and attached it to the bottom rim of the edge of the brass tops that cover the glass globes. Folding the squares around the rim and securing with another dot of hot glue.

After attaching the felt squares around the bottom rim, I just continued up the globe top, overlaying the felt squares, one horizontal row at a time. I cut holes in the felt and matched them with the vent holes in the globe to allow the heat to escape.

Using 1 inch strips cut from dark brown felt, I wrapped the chains that suspend the globes, hoping to get tree branch resemblance. Once the chains were covered with the brown felt, I rolled small pieces of felt into knobs and hot glued them here and there on the brown felt, to resemble the knobs found on tree branches.

Then, I used craft paint to create veins on the leaves. Using pipe cleaners glued to the back of the leaves allowed me to shape the leaves. I used hot glue, once again, to attach the leaves here and there along the felt covered chains.

It's not perfect, and granted, I think the one acorn cap looks a bit like a witch's hat, but, now I tend to like the whimsical look of the hanging lights. Here's some pictures of what I came up with and how it turned out.


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    • creativeone59 profile image

      benny Faye Douglass 8 years ago from Gold Canyon, Arizona

      Thanks ivori for a beautiful lamp hub, thank you for sharing. Godspeed. creativeone59