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Easy glass mosaics

Updated on June 22, 2009

 As an artist, I try to find various ways to be creative.  I enjoy making wreaths, painting, jewelry and mosaics.  Mosaics, while they appear to be difficult and time consuming, are becoming a popular form of art work.

First, you need to find glass.  I often go to local glasswork shops locally that make stained glass creations for selling.  They keep boxes of glass pieces that they have discarded and usually give them to me for free.  Otherwise, you can find pieces of cut glass at local craft stores.  They can be found with stepping stone supplies as well.

I typically look for a chunky wooden shape on which to glue my glass pieces.  Glue that dries clear is all you need; such as Elmer's Glue.  For instance, at Christmas time, I choose wood carved into trees.  I pick out glass in shades of green and colors as well to use as ornaments.  The Dollar Stores often carry the round glass pieces in varied colors.  They also carry wood pieces and plaques too.

I put the glass over the wood in the design that I want.  If the glass pieces are too big, I use a glass cutter which is a handheld tool and very easy to use.  This will cut the glass to the size that you want.  These cutters can be purchased at art stores as well.

After making my design, I glue each piece on the wood and let it dry overnight.  The next day, I used powdered grout (pre-mixed is often too thick or doesn't dry well) that I have purchased at an art store or craft store.  Grout comes in different colors which is nice because then I can match it to my color scheme.

In a bowl that you don't plan on using for food, mix the grout with a little water at a time until the consistency is firm but not soupy.  It needs to have some flow to it but not watered down.  Take a little bit of grout at a time and put between the pieces of glass on your wood piece.  After patting it down, take a wet cloth and wipe it down until the grout is smoothed between the pieces of glass.  Using the cloth again after rinsing, keep wiping the wooden piece until the grout is no longer on the glass, but only between the glass pieces.

Let this cure overnight.  The following day, take a dry cloth and rub each piece of glass to buff and polish it.  Paint the sides and back of the wooden piece and who-la!  You have a beautiful mosaic piece to give as a gift or use for your own decor.


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