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How to Enable Mental Ray in Maya

Updated on February 4, 2016
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Don't forget it this time
Don't forget it this time | Source

Maya is an amazingly powerful 3D modeling software program capable of creating pretty much anything you can think up. One way to make your renders look even better is to use mental ray. This article aims on how to enable this feature in Maya 2012, as well as many other versions of Maya. Let's get started.

Iron I rendered utilizing mental ray
Iron I rendered utilizing mental ray
Napkin holder, again with mental ray
Napkin holder, again with mental ray

Step 1

First you wanna go ahead and open Maya 2011, or whichever version you have. Set your project and open your scene, or start a fresh scene and proceed to step 2.

Open a scene
Open a scene

Step 2

Next you want to go to Window-->Settings/Preferences-->Plug-in Manager.

Step 3

Finally, you're going to want to scroll down in the plug-in manager window until you see Mayatomr.bundle. Make sure the load and auto-load boxes are checked, hit refresh, and then close the window.


And there you have it! You are now on your way to better looking renders.

Here's a great book that'll teach you all of the primary tehniques in Maya


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      technibz 5 years ago

      I use (and by that I mean just randomly click and create abstract shapes) Blender 3d. I am a bit partial to open source--Gimp for bitmap, Inkscape for vector--probably because I can't afford commercial yet :) Have you heard or of it or used it before? If so, got any tips? perhaps do a tutorial for that. I'd love to study animation too.