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Famous Art Pieces Every Adult Should Know

Updated on December 14, 2018

If you want to be recognized as a smart adult, art and music should be your forte. Art and music appreciation is often equated with your intellect especially when you are an adult. Here are famous art pieces every adult should know.

Mona Lisa, The Last Supper, and Guernica are probably universally acclaimed but there are equally superb paintings from well-known painters.

Here are some of the stunning art pieces. These are the famous art pieces every adult should know.

The Kiss (Gustav Klimt, 1907)

The Kiss is a 1907 oil painting by Gustav Klimt in Vienna’s Austrian Art Gallery. This painting comes as a powerful presence in 180cm x 180cm dimension. Klimt drew his inspiration for this painting from travels to Ravena, where he noticed the Byzantine influence in mosaics of San Vitale. The use of gold is inspired by his past as a metal worker.

Starry Night (Vincent van Gogh, 1889)

Easily acclaimed among the most well known pieces in the world, this magnetic piece of art is everywhere, on your t-shirts, coffee houses, and mugs. This master piece is timeless as it resonates with people everywhere. It was painted at a time when Vincent van Gogh was at the asylum of Saint-Paul-de-Mausole near Saint-Rémy-de-Provence. His depression, darkness and hallucinations come alive in this dreamlike and ethereal painting.

The Scream (Edvard Munch, 1893)

The Norwegian expressionist Edvard Munch created this art work in 1893. This composition was given a popular name, The Scream. The work depicts an agonized face said to depict the anxieties of a modern man. Munch is said to have suddenly sensed while taking a walk after sunset “an infinite scream passing through the nature”.

Girl With a Pearl Earring (Johannes Vermeer, 1665)

This work is easily counted among Vermeer’s most famous works. In its first appearance, anyone might likely think it is a portrait but it is actually a ‘tronie’ or an imaginary figure. Tronies highlight a set of characteristics which in this case include a large pearl earring and an oriental turban she is seen wearing. Johannes Vermeer recognized as the master of light shows this skill in girl’s bright face and moist lips.

Persistence of Memory (Salvador Dali, 1931)

Salvador Dali, the Spanish surrealist painter is recognized as a highly outlandish and weird in the choice of his subject matter. These characteristics make him among some of the most enigmatic 20th century artists. The Persistence of Memory is a master piece on surrealism. This work often called ‘clocks’ depicts melted clocks. In a surrealist vein, the painting possibly symbolizes the dreamlike state when time has erratic behaviour. In other words out notion of time as arbitrary and irrelevant.

No 5 (Jackson-Pollock, 1948)

Jackson-Pollock, an American painter is recognized for his role in the abstract expressionist movement. This painting was done on a fibreboard measuring 8' x 4' with lots of yellow and brown paints drizzled over it giving its resemblance to a nest. It’s certainly not a senseless paint splatter. This is among the most revolutionary works coming from Pollock. He never sketched out or test-ran his larger sized works unlike the other artists. Instead emotion and intuition were his guiding forces. It was among the most expensive paintings when it sold a second time for $250 million in 2011.


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