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Fantasy Art Drawing Tutorials - How To Draw Fantasy Art

Updated on May 7, 2012

Fantasy Flaming Skull

A Flaming Skull Drawing. By Wayne Tully Copyright  2010
A Flaming Skull Drawing. By Wayne Tully Copyright 2010

Drawing Fantasy Art

Drawings of fantasy art are imaginative and also quite good, professionally they appear as the concepts of fantasy paintings and for other creative projects of fantasy worlds and realms.

Here I have collected all of my fantasy art how to draw tutorials all in one place so that you can see how to draw certain things in the fantasy genre. I will be adding more, just as soon as they are done.

How to draw a demon

Drawing demons is a favourite of mine and in this hubpage, I attempt to create a how to draw a demon tutorial and I found it a fun experience and it spawned lots more drawing articles after it, so I guess that this was the first step by step drawing article I ever wrtoe.

How to draw a demons face

To follow on from the hubpage above about drawing a demon, we examine the face of a demon, demonic faces can be designed different to create multiple demons.

How to draw a witch

A classic witch is drawn here in a simple tutorial that goes through the steps of drawing a classic witch with ease.

How to draw a zombie

An example of creating zombie drawings, with sketches and through a step by step process that artists must learn for their own style of art to surface.

How to draw a troll

An ugly troll is realised here, with yet anothet drawing guide with inspiration on drawing a troll.

How to draw a scary clown

A scary clowns face evolves here through a quick step process that is easy to draw, when you get into the spirit of evil clowns.

How to draw the Hulk

The hulk, such a classic comic book character and he is fun to draw, see how I did it here!

How to draw a flaming skull

I tend to draw a lot of flaming skulls anyway for tattoos and other designs, see a little step by step process action for drawing a flaming skull.

How to draw monsters

A study of drawing monsters, maybe needs expanding upon sometime soon, but I enjoy drawing monsters of all types.

Drawing a grim reaper

Yet another tattoo design favourite, the grim reaper is right up there with skulls, how to draw the grim reaper.

Drawing a goblin

See the little goblin, one of many possible goblin designs, but it works on some level of inspiration as does any drawing tutorial.

Drawing a simple robot

A simple process of drawing a futuristic robot explained quite briefly here.

Drawing fantasy art - Rough guide

An ever evolving hubpage about drawing fantasy art. Here is my Drawing Video Channel On YouTube and don't forget to take a look at my How To Draw Fantasy Art Website

Art Drawing Books On Amazon

Amazon have loads of art drawing books that can help you learn to draw many different things and as such you could learn some specific fantasy art techniques or just learn how to draw dragons or other fantasy creatures.

Find what you are looking for right here.....

Drawing A Monster 5 - Part Youtube Video Series (My Username On Youtube Is waynetully1)

Drawing Fantasy Art: Any Fantasy Art Tutorials You Would Like To See?

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    • waynet profile image

      Wayne Tully 7 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom

      Thanks, got more stuff to come and some ebooks that will be copyrighted looks at drawing some new stuff.

    • profile image

      Anaraky 7 years ago

      Thanks a lot for all your tutorials, found them today and they are really helpful. Cheers.