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The Popularity Of Fantasy Art And Drawing Fantasy Art

Updated on January 29, 2014

Fantasy art

Fantasy art is quite a popular subject and choice for artists, as there is much range and exploration that is free in fantasy art, as the only limit is your own imagination.

Fantasy worlds are household names aswell as characters and creatures too, elves, fairies, dragons and goblins to name a few are often referenced quite often as things people can identify with and interpret their own visions.

The world of fantasy is an escape for some, whether it be on the television, reading a favourite book or comic, or even acting in a film, for others it's a way of expressing their own ideas and art with what they imagine or wish the world was like.

Creating worlds and characters from your head is like pouring all of your knowledge into a medium of your choice, some people write fantasy fiction, others draw and paint fantasy while others just think fantasy and surround themselves within it.

The art of professional fantasy artists like Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell for instance are great inspiring to look at.

Dragon Inspired Fantasy Artwork

I painted this fantasy artwork many years ago whilst at art college and the women in the painting was drawn from a page 3 model in the newspaper and then I tried to paint a dragons head just poking it's head over the women's shoulder sort of thing.

This was an experimental piece as I was fed up at the time of looking at a bland wooden wardobe, so I painted it white with undercoat and then lightly sanded it and painted over it with white gloss and I was going to leave it at that, but then I had the idea of painting some kind of picture on it, but I didn't know what.

Painting is something that requires patience and lots of practice and also a good eye for composition and scale and that's why I really wanted to start painting more and more and will do one day.

You can see how to draw fantasy art ideas through these video inspirations on my YouTube channel here - Fantasy Art Inspirations

Old Fantasy Painting I Started But Never Finished Fully

An old painting I did whilst at college on my wardrobe.
An old painting I did whilst at college on my wardrobe. | Source
This fantasy painting could be something I could re-work as I still have the old wardrobe, so who knows
This fantasy painting could be something I could re-work as I still have the old wardrobe, so who knows | Source

Fantasy Art Drawing Example Video

Personal Art Is Fantasy Art

Fantasy art is rather a personal one to follow your own path, learning what excites you about the art genre the most and running with your favourite ways of presenting your fantasy art to the world.

Most of the time however you will paint and draw what you see around you and build this reality frame work into a collection of fantasy artwork, seeing others work as a reference or creative inspiration can be quite useful too, everyone has their own way of working and one that may work for you, by studying others work you may find solutions that can be applied in your own work.

Death In Fantasy Art

A grim reaper of death drawing by Wayne Tully 2011.
A grim reaper of death drawing by Wayne Tully 2011.

Fantastic Dragon Art

Dragon fantasy art is perhaps the most popular art that I see on the internet and one that can have multiple variations as dragons don't have to look the same, they can be different colours and are often painted into their surroundings which make for some excellent paintings and masterpieces of art.

All of the popular fantasy artists have done a dragon painting at some stage of their professional career and one for artists not acustomed to this to do so as soon as possible with the dragon art medium.

Online and offline there are chinese dragons, Japanese tribal tattoo designs, traditional dragon art and more, just fantastic. The dragon pencil drawing below is just an idea on drawing one possible fantasy dragon art concept and there are loads of other ways to draw Dragons.

Dragon Pencil Art By Wayne Tully

Dragon pencil art by Wayne Tully. 2011
Dragon pencil art by Wayne Tully. 2011

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