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Felt Applique Christmas Stockings

Updated on October 23, 2012

Christmas stockings are a fabulous way to express the character of the good little boy or girl who happens to own that stocking. Sure, you can get yourself a traditional red felt stocking from the local drugstore, but why would you want to?? It's far more fun and exciting to create a specialized Christmas stocking for each boy and girl -- and even Fido, Garfield mum and dad, as well! There are all sorts of Christmas stocking crafts available and this article will focus on felt applique stocking kits because they are my personal favorite and anyone with half a brain can make one (I should know, I've made 3 and I'm extremely un-crafty!) These types of stockings are very affordable and don't take that long to make. Have a look!

Bucilla Sugar Plum Fairy

What little girl doesn't love the story of the Nutcracker? And who doesn't "Oooh and Ahhh" when the sugar plum fairy pops up in the story books looking all magical and lovely? I am in my 30s and even I would love to have this felt applique stocking hanging on my mantel. The Sugar Plum fairy and loads of candy.... what more could she want?

Bucilla Princess Stocking

Have you got a little princess in the family? Or just a daughter who likes to dress up like one? This Princess stocking is very Christmassy, indeed; red and green are the primary colors and she's got holly on the trim of the skirt. If your little girl loves snow and the outdoors the background scenery is sure to appeal as well.

Bucilla Cowboy Santa

If you live in the Wild West, or simply have a child who loves to go horseback riding, this Cowboy Santa Christmas stocking is sure to be a winner. And while it may seem like a boy's theme, I suspect a little cowgirl would be equally thrilled to have a horse-themed Christmas stocking.

Bucilla Cruising Santa

Santa only works one day a year, so he's actually got plenty of time to cruise round on his motorcycle. If you've got a biker in the family, or a future biker in the family, this will be a very cool stocking for Christmas. Candy-cane handle bars and hip black sunglasses make Santa ultra cool.

Bucilla Pirate Santa

Arrgh, matey! Little pirates will absolutely love having Santa the Pirate on their Christmas stocking. Santa Pirate's got a cardinal as First Mate, a treasure chest -- he's even got a pirate ship! At the top it says Yo Ho Ho Ho, which simply has to make you smile, unless you're a Scrooge! Think of it as Santa meets Pirates of the Caribbean. If I were a little boy I would love this one.

In the Workshop Stocking

If you've got a little boy who likes to build things, he will probably adore Santa's Workshop stocking! Santa's got the list right in front of him and you can be sure your little one's name will be on it come Christmas morning, cos you'll love filling this gorgeous stocking up with prezzies!


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