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Top 5 Figure Drawing Videos

Updated on March 18, 2011

The Excellent Complete Guide To Figure Drawing Is A Book That I Highly Recommend From Amazon

Top Five Youtube Videos About Figure Drawing

Figure drawing is a really interesting subject to master for the artist and so whilst doing my research to find a collection of top 5 figure drawing videos I thought I found five excellent ones by different Youtube users who excel in art and drawing, so without further ado, here are five of the best videos of artists teaching figure drawing.

First up is Drawtips a youtube artist who knows alot about drawing and has a lot to share about how you draw anatomy and in the following video he demonstrates how to draw legs from scratch, building up the legs from a basic square for the hips and lines and triangles for the feet with anchor points which he talks about and there is a lot of knowledge that the artist shares.

I found the videos to be really good on his Youtube channel and this one, the legs that he drew looked dynamic, so watch the video and see how he draws legs. The video is just over 9 minutes. And his other videos are worth watching too.

Drawing A Running Figure In Motion From Mark Crilley

 Draw a running figure in motion. This is a video from the popular manga artist Mark Crilley.

Although the figure drawing is half done at the start of the video, his work is usually a good inspiration to watch him at work as he is a professional artist and the running figure is dynamic enough in the traditional manga style and what's interesting is that he uses a black Prismacolor pencil to darken the pencil lines instead of a 2b pencil and also creating depth by shading with a pencil.

Check out the video below, as it give some tips on drawing a figure in motion and also the problem of clothes looking like they are moving whilst running.

Figure Drawing In Motion Video By Mark Crilley

Body Structure And Figure Drawing

RivenPheonix has over 300 videos on various drawing methods and artistic insights, but perhaps one of the best I found is this one on how to draw figures from your mind, so that you can learn quicker and draw them much faster from memory.

The video goes through all the basics of figure drawing from what he was taught in college and it's good to see oher experts at work and showing you their process of drawing as the more you see others work and the way they create it, the more tooled up you will be to tackle drawings in any subject you can think of.

Female Figure Drawing

 The artist here builds up a female figure in a time lapse video which shows the drawing done much quicker, although the drawing is fairly basic, it does convey that energy of drawing figures quite well in the short time frame of the video and female figures are more elegant to get right.

Check out the video and Yuotube channel CattusOK

Drawing The Female Figure Video

Proportions In Figure Drawing

 Getting the right proportions of the figures that you draw can be tricky, so Glenn Vilppu discusses the importance of correct proportions and how to achieve the right balance.

I found this video very helpful in trying out different proportion ideas and theory with good old fashioned practice, using the techniques of proportion measuring.

Check the video out....

Figure Drawing Proportions Video

Figure Drawing

Figure Drawing is the foundation of drawing figures.    Image copyright Michael Turner (RIP) 2010.
Figure Drawing is the foundation of drawing figures. Image copyright Michael Turner (RIP) 2010.

Figure Drawing

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    • iphonecarkit profile image

      iphonecarkit 7 years ago from Las Vegas, NV

      This is a great hub!!! I watched a couple of the videos and they are really good. Keep hubbing this topic. I love to draw!!!

    • Wayne Tully profile image

      Wayne Tully 7 years ago from United Kingdom

      Thanks, I was hoping that this would be useful to someone, so cheers!!

    • profile image

      KelciC 7 years ago

      YES! Finally, some great places to start getting inspired for figure drawing, ALL IN ONE HUB!

      Thank you for doing this work. It's hugely appreciated.