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Finding Free Crochet Patterns Christmas Items

Updated on October 23, 2015
Crocheted Wreath Christmas Decorations by South12th  Crocheted Wreath Christmas Tree Decorations Hanging isolated on White
Crocheted Wreath Christmas Decorations by South12th Crocheted Wreath Christmas Tree Decorations Hanging isolated on White | Source

Christmas Crochet

In the difficult economic times, money is tight. People have little money to spend on non-essential items. Christmas is an expensive time. New Christmas decorations, gift tags, bows or other Christmas items, may be out of the question this year. However, people still want to celebrate and make Christmas as special as it can be, there are some lovely free crochet patterns for Christmas items on the internet. You can still be festive and enjoy Christmas, without spending too much money. Most crocheters have a yarn stash, which needs using, making Christmas item can help in stash reduction, Christmas items can make acceptable Christmas gifts, or sellable items at charitable Christmas fairs and fundraisers.

Whether you want to crochet a Christmas garland to decorate your home, nativity figures to give as a gift, or Christmas novelties as charitable fund raising items, you will find a suitable free crochet pattern on the internet.

Copyright and Christmas Crochet

Do ensure that you follow pattern designers’ copyright restrictions, if you intend selling items for charitable purposes. Some designers allow this use, some do not, if the designer does not stipulate copyright restrictions, follow the general copyright guidelines.

Christmas Crochet on Pattern Directory Sites

Large free crochet pattern directory web sites save crocheters time by gathering links to crochet patterns in one site. Crochet Pattern Central (CPC) is a comprehensive, easily navigable free-crochet-pattern-directory site. CPC has links to free crochet patterns for exciting Christmas items. If you have yarn and beads available, The Beaded Pompadour Garland makes a 10-foot garland in around 2 hours. Old Fashioned Chain Garland will remind many crocheters of happy hours in infants’ school happily making paper chains from coloured paper. This crocheted version could be a smashing stash-busting project since you could use all your yarn oddments to make a colourful, celebratory garland. It could also be a fun project for young crocheters, in a craft class or club. Rick Rack Garland is a simple, pretty garland for the tree, to give a shelf edge or picture frame a festive feel.

CPC has links to many Santa themed patterns. There are Santa Claus figures, a Santa Claus money bank, Mrs. Claus figures, Santa pillows and more. There are two pattern links for Nativity figures, the link labeled “Nativity Figures”, has both US and UK pattern choices to download, as does the link labeled “Three Wise Kings Nativity Figures”. There are also several links to Christmas bell and ornament patterns and items that would make ideal Christmas gifts. Christmas elf pencil toppers are ideal children’s stocking fillers. Santa pillows, aprons, towel toppers, and monitor covers could make Christmas gifts. Ho Ho Celebrations Gingerbread House would make a pretty Christmas decoration for any home or a very acceptable gift.

Blog Sites for Christmas Crochet

Crochet bloggers also make free patterns available on their pages. Mom’s love of Crochet has many Christmas patterns on their website. You can find Christmas ornaments, pillows, doilies, potholders, tree wreaths and skirts, Afghans, and table runners, cloths and napkins. The glorious Holly Afghan and the Cheerful Snowman Afghan would make charming Christmas gifts.

Try Yarn Websites For Crochet Christmas Items

Major yarn manufacturers’ websites also offer free crochet patterns. Red Heart Yarns has many free crochet Christmas items. The charming Santa Christmas Card motif would add a crafty touch to your Christmas Greetings. There are several Christmas stockings, even the family dog and cat are not forgotten. The Gingerbread Man Apron would make young cooks feel very professional. Snowman Mug Hug would make an excellent Christmas gift for work colleagues. The Holiday Baby Cocoon would ensure that baby has a warm festive season. Red Heart’s Nativity set would make a lovely gift or an attractive item to make to give to a church or school. Lion Brand Yarns site also offers Christmas crochet patterns. The Gleeful Gingerbread Friend makes a delightful toy, a companion for a box of homemade biscuits or cookies, or a charming Christmas ornament. The Holiday Scarf makes a warm gift, and is a beginner’s level pattern. The Bear in a Jif would please any child.

Crochet A Christmas Afghan, Tree Cards and More

Ravelry is a large online knitting and crochet community, offering access to free patterns. You only need an e mail address to join Ravelry and it is worth doing so since it gives you access to a vibrant crochet community as well as to patterns. You will find free patterns at Ravelry that are unavailable elsewhere on the internet. Christmas Light Dishcloths/Pot holders could prove a popular gift. The beautiful Christmas Tree Cards would make your greetings stand out from the rest. The Holiday Delight Afghan is festively beautiful. Ravelry has over a thousand Christmas patterns and it would be impossible to name all the lovely items, you will have such a lovely time browsing through Ravelry’s helpful thumbnail pictures and selecting your Christmas favourites.

Free Crochet Patterns for a Festive Christmas

Finding free crochet patterns for Christmas items can help make your Christmas cheaper, craftier and more festive. Whether you want to crochet a unique Christmas decoration, a festive gift, or a charitable gift you are sure to find the perfect free crochet pattern.


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