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Finding Free Crochet Patterns For Baby Gifts

Updated on October 20, 2015
BASKET BABY by Beatricekillam
BASKET BABY by Beatricekillam | Source

Free Crochet Patterns for Baby Gifts

Crocheters enjoy crocheting baby gifts. Whether you are preparing for your own happy event or someone else’s, your hook flies as you crochet love into every stitch. Choosing exactly what to crochet can be difficult, as there are so many items that one could make. It is best to crochet something as special as the baby will be. Thousands of free patterns for baby items are available on the internet. Knowing where to look on the internet, will help you to find a pattern for the perfect gift to welcome that special baby.

Baby blankets or Afghans are always an acceptable gift for any baby. Whether you want to crochet a delicate light afghan, suitable for cot or crib, or a more substantial robust one suitable to use as a play mat, you are sure to find a suitable pattern on the internet. The Crochet Pattern Central directory lists many links to gorgeous free crochet patterns. These include an innovative car seat blanket, the diagonal lace afghan, the kitties and bear Afghans, the Teddy bear blanket buddy and even one that you can personalize especially for the baby.

Baby buntings, cocoons, and sleep sacks are very useful for keeping baby cozy and warm on cold days. The baby Fleece Cloud Cocoon and beanie is adorable to keep baby warm in a Moses basket. The Baby Owl Cocoon set is an amusing way to keep baby cozy.

Babies can never have too many clothes, for, though they are tiny, they make plenty of laundry. Crochet Pattern Central has links to anything anyone could possibly wish to make for a baby, including ensembles and layettes for the adventurous crocheter. Bev’s Country Cottage also has many links to free baby clothing patterns, as does the Lion Brand yarn web site.

More Free Crochet Patterns for Baby Gifts

Babies need socks, booties and pram shoes to keep tiny feet warm and there are some very beautiful free patterns for these on Crochet Pattern Central and Free Patterns. However, the most delightful patterns are on the site. Ravelry is a crafting community, free membership gives access to a huge free crochet pattern directory, which has patterns you will find nowhere else, and a lively crocheting community.

Crocheting toys is always a pleasure and crocheting toys for a baby is always a particular joy. Every baby needs toys, a colourful rattle, a fishy mobile, and the Super Easy Teddy Bear for a special friend.

Those crocheters looking to make a baby shower gift, unsure what to crochet and wanting ideas and inspiration, might care to look at the Yarn Box Blog. There they will find patterns for baby blankets, clothes, complete outfits, toys, gift sets and much more, including coloured pictures to help them to choose. Also, browsing through one of the large free crochet pattern directory sites or a crochet community that allows member access to free patterns, such as Ravelry, would also inspire. Ravelry would be a good one to choose because it includes thumbnail pictures meaning that one need not waste time with unsuitable choices.

Crocheters enjoy their crochet but crocheting for a baby is a very special joy. Whether you choose to crochet a toy, a jacket, pram shoes or a special afghan or Christening Gown, which is destined to become a family heirloom, you are sure to find an attractive free crochet pattern on the internet to suit that very special small person. Your finished item will glow with the love that you crochet into each stitch.


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