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Finding Free Crochet Patterns - Zoo Animals

Updated on October 19, 2015
CROCHETING HOOKS by Ukapala  DESCRIPTIONThin crocheting hooks for making laces.
CROCHETING HOOKS by Ukapala DESCRIPTIONThin crocheting hooks for making laces. | Source

Free Crochet Patterns Zoo Animals

Wild animals inspire adults and children alike. Many people take a wild animal as a mascot. A visit to a safari park or zoo often inspires a child’s interest in animals and the natural world. Crocheters looking to crochet a wild animal as a gift for a child or an adult may wish to find a free pattern to enable them to do so.

Large free crochet-pattern-directory-web sites are a wonderful resource for crocheting. Having links to many free patterns in one place makes searching for patterns much easier and faster. Crochet Pattern Central (CPC) is a very large easily navigable directory site; they divide their large animal section into sub-sections, to make life even easier, African and Asian animals, jungle animals, birds, etc. In the African and Asian section, there are lions, giraffe, elephants, camels, hippopotami, and zebra. There are both crocheted soft toys and animal themed items. For example, the elephant night-light and zebra slippers would make wonderful accessories for a child with an animal themed room. The Jungle section contains tigers and monkeys. There are links to some delightful tigers and cheeky monkeys.

The Great Amigurumi blog spot has 669 patterns in its animal section including the cheerful Little Hippo Taweret, Curious George monkey, 27 elephants, 23 monkeys, lions, bears, giraffes, flamingoes, kangaroos, and any animal you might find in any self-respecting safari park or zoo.

Craft freely has several free crochet patterns to download including a baby alligator and a monkey.

Craft Attic Resources has several links to various animal patterns, if you scroll down to Amigurumi and other Animal patterns; you will find a links list. The patterns include elephants, giant panda, kangaroo, Llama, monkey, tigers and wolves. A Crochet Toy Chest has links to free patterns scroll down to “safari animal patterns” and you will find lions, elephants, tiger and giraffe.

Lion Brand Yarns’ web site has many animal patterns including Leo the Lion and Heather the Hippo and a beautiful panda.

Many of the large crochet communities on the internet allow members access to free crochet patterns. Ravelry is a large crochet and knitting community with a huge free crochet pattern resource. You will find patterns at Ravelry that you will not find elsewhere, Ravelry also has links to difficult to find patterns all over the internet. Ravelry has a huge animal pattern section, but unfortunately does not divide it into sub-sections, however, Ravelry’s thumbnail photographs make searching a little faster than it would otherwise be. There are all the usual zoo animals there plus some unusual ones such as a polar bear, alligators and a platypus. It is well worth browsing through Ravelry’s animal section, as you will find ingenious and imaginative animal patterns.

Whether you are looking for an elephant for a friend with a good memory, a monkey for a cheeky chappie, a lion for a fearless person, a soft best friend for an animal loving child or as a memento of an exciting zoo, or safari park, visit, you will find a free crochet pattern on the internet. There are some wonderful, exciting free patterns and whether you want to crochet a lion or a platypus, you are sure to find the perfect pattern. You could even crochet your own zoo.


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