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Finding Free Crochet Patterns for Dishcloths

Updated on June 14, 2012


DISHWASHING by Phinizrl  Arrangement of brightly colored new dish washing supplies
DISHWASHING by Phinizrl Arrangement of brightly colored new dish washing supplies | Source

Free Crochet Patterns Dishcloths

When spring comes and the weather gets warm, crocheters no longer want to work on warm winter garments and blankets. It can be very difficult to know what crochet projects to choose during spring and summer. Dishcloths make a good, quick spring crochet project. Easy, practical, and fun to make, dishcloths do not take much yarn, making them inexpensive.

Beginners might like a video tutorial on crocheting a dishcloth. Make your dishcloth using cotton yarn or dishcloth cotton. You need coarse dry cotton for a sturdy absorbent cloth, but a soft cotton for a face cloth. Cotton yarn now comes in various colours, and you can choose to make your dishcloth in white or a colour. Dishcloths are useful for many household uses, not just dishes and they are far better for household use than anything you can buy. Dishcloths make a great gift, especially for a housewarmings or weddings.

Crochet pattern directory sites save crocheters time, because they group links to free crochet patterns together in one place. Crochet Pattern Central (CPC) is a comprehensive, easily navigable directory site, which has a wide variety of links to free patterns. 29 Stitches is a fast, easy, pattern suitable for all crocheters. If you are looking for a dishcloth pattern for a gift, or to cheer up your own kitchen, the acorn dishcloth is lovely. The Ballerina dishcloth is delightful. Barney Bear is just plain fun. Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year dishcloths would make lovely gifts or make your own kitchen festive. The links at CPC cover the whole dishcloth range from amusing shaped dishcloths to dishcloths enabling crocheters to try out different stitches.

Crochet ‘n’ More has several dishcloth patterns as well as other kitchen items. Tangled Yarns Nubby Dishcloth would make a great cloth for hard cleaning. Crafts Love to Know has the shingled dishcloth and matching scrubber. You can even make a Tunisian or Afghan stitch dishcloth. Bev’s Quick and Very Efficient Cloth would make household chores go with a swing. Crochetspot’s All-Purpose Mesh dishcloth would be a useful household tool.

Yarn manufacturers offer free crochet patterns on their web sites. Lion Brand Yarns’ site offers three colourful crochet dishcloth patterns, which would brighten any kitchen. Another bright cheerful dishcloth pattern is Red Heart’s Cotton Dandy Dishcloth.

Ravelry has so many free crochet dishcloth patterns that it is quite bewildering but their thumbnail pictures make browsing their links and patterns mercifully easy. Ravelry’s patterns cover all shapes, textures, patterns and types of dishcloths. The fish washcloth/dishcloth, the Apple Tiwashi dishcloth, Simply Square Log cabin dishcloth and the Scrubby Daisy and Checked Pants give clues as to the riches available at Ravelry. Look out for the Christmas Lights dishcloth and do not miss the Celtic Knot Textured, Crochet Leprechaun, and Humpty Dumpty Dishcloths.

Dishcloths make great spring and summer crochet projects. Dishcloths also make great beginner projects. They are simple and cheap to make. They are practical, much better and more durable than any cloth you can buy in a shop and make lovely gifts. Using the many free crochet patterns available makes dishcloths even more inexpensive. Pass several pleasurable hours checking out free crochet dishcloth patterns.


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