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Finding Free Crochet Patterns for Sock Monkeys

Updated on August 12, 2013


Monkey Boy by Beatricekillam  Image of a cute toddler sitting on a black chair, holding a stuffed monkey
Monkey Boy by Beatricekillam Image of a cute toddler sitting on a black chair, holding a stuffed monkey | Source

Free Crochet Sock Monkey Patterns

Americans love sock monkeys. They have done so for a very long time. Originally, sock monkeys were a way to recycle worn socks into a child’s toy. British people recently learned to love sock monkeys too, due to particular television advertisements. Johnny Vegas’ dulcet Northern tones pronounce the words “monkeh” (monkey) in such an appealing way. 'Monkeh' is more popular, in Britain, than either product he advertised. A sock monkey makes an attractive, whimsical gift for a child or any adult fascinated by this lovely little creature, or an appealing item to sell or raffle for charity. Many people are struggling, economizing on everything, even gifts and charitable spending, crocheting these items makes them less heavy on an already tight budget. Many crocheters already have yarn in their stash, and using free patterns from the internet, providing you follow the designer’s own or the general copyright guidelines rigidly, makes sock monkeys even less expensive.

Crocheters should always consider safety, practicality, and durability before crocheting anything intended for a baby, child, or charity use. People might give an item given, sold, or raffled for charity to a baby or child. Never use fluffy or speciality yarn, for the above items, they shed fibres, which could block little airways and noses. Many such yarns bear labels stating that they are unsuitable for babies and children’s items, but some do not, err on caution’s side and choose yarn carefully. Use a machine washable yarn. Unless you can find very safe facial features for your toy, it is safer to embroider them. Babies and little children are much stronger than you think and automatically suck toys and other articles, so anything you attach to your toy should withstand the most determined efforts to suck, bite, chew, pull, or pick it off. Choose safe, machine washable stuffing. If you use old stockings, tights or panty hose, as a filling, make sure that they will not run when laundered. Also, when sewing any seams in your toy, saw them very firmly indeed. When buying the items to make toys, yarn fillings, facial features et cetera, do ask the experts in your local yarn or craft store to help you find safe and suitable items, they are usually crafters themselves and will know what is best.

Large crochet pattern directory sites save crocheters time, because they group links to free crochet patterns in one place. Crochet Pattern Central (CPC) is a large, comprehensive, and easily navigable crochet-pattern directory site, which among its Jungle Animal section has links to many sock monkey patterns. Baby Sock Monkey is a cheeky and colourful little chap. George the Sock Monkey is another colourful fellow, who would make a good scrap project. One link just titled sock monkey has video tutorials, one each for right and left-handed crocheters, which would be very helpful for novice crocheters or crocheters, who have not made toys before. Besides the sock monkey links, there are also many links to other monkey patterns. The Funnigurumi is a smashing way to use all those yarn scraps. Aside from monkeys, CPC also carries links for two apes, an orang utan and a gorilla.

Crochet designers, bloggers, yarn manufacturers and other crochet web sites also offer free crochet patterns. All Free Crochet has links to free crochet sock monkey patterns. Mary Maxim’s offers a wonderful free Caron Yarns sock monkey pattern. Crochet mania offers a very cheeky sock monkey pattern. Knitty Knotty blog spot offers a delightful sock-monkey baby hat. Red Heart Yarns have five exciting sock monkey patterns. There is a sock monkey key fob, which would make a quick, easy and very acceptable small gift, party favour, or novelty. Crochet the lovely Sock monkey ornament for your Christmas tree. The sock monkey hat and toy set would be a pleasant way to keep your child’s hat on its head. The unusual sock monkey blanket would make an excellent toy that is practical at nap time, as would the delightful sock-monkey pillow pal.

Ravelry is a large internet knitting and crochet community, which allows members access to free crochet patterns. You only have to register an e-mail address with Ravelry, but it is worth doing so, as you will find patterns there that you will not find elsewhere on the Internet. Ravelry has more than forty crochet-sock-monkey patterns, ranging from toys to sock monkey themed articles. Ravelry’s thumbnail photographs also make browsing their patterns faster and more interesting. It would be impossible to list all Ravelry’s super sock monkey patterns. However, there are some unusual and notable high lights. Do not miss the sock monkey water bottle carrier. The Adult sock monkey hat would brighten the chilliest winter day. The Three D Sock Monkey Appliqué could lift a plain jumper or jacket into a child or adult’s favourite garment. The Crochet Striped Funky Monkey could turn a few odd balls or skeins of yarn into a colourful and smart toy. Do go over to Ravelry and discover their patterns for yourself, you will find more sock monkey patterns than you ever dreamed and lengthen your to-do list considerably.

People love sock monkeys. They are appealing, cheeky, and delightful and they find their way into everyone’s heart. They make attractive and acceptable gift, charity makes, or fundraisers. They are an interesting and enjoyable crochet project that will delight their eventual owner. Crocheting gifts or charitable donations need not break the bank and you can use sock monkeys as a scrap project, depending on the pattern that you choose. Using free Internet crochet patterns makes your sock monkey even cheaper. Sock monkeys are charming little creatures that everyone loves, crochet one and make someone smile.


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