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Finding Free Filet Crochet Patterns

Updated on April 16, 2013
ORANGE SKEIN by Portulaca  An orange skein of cotton thread
ORANGE SKEIN by Portulaca An orange skein of cotton thread | Source

Finding Filet Crochet Patterns

Filet crochet is one type of crochet lace. Filet crochet uses double crochet (USA) or treble (UK) and chain, (and sometimes variations upon these) and by filling or not, the mesh squares, create intricate designs, which can be flowers, letters, butterflies. Working from a chart helps you to know where to put a stitch and where to chain. Filet crochet is a very attractive and creative technique and one lending itself to many projects from bedspreads and Afghans to curtains and bookmarks. It is also much easier than it sounds; luckily, there are both USA and UK tutorials on the internet.

If you have not done filet crochet before you may wish to begin with something small, such as a bookmark. Most filet-crochet patterns use thread, or cotton, but you can work filet crochet in yarn, for example, some Afghan patterns use yarn for a filet design. If you do use yarn for a filet crochet design, it will stretch unless you wash the article carefully and dry it flat.

Filet crochet is a very adaptable technique. You can repeat charts, use different colours, and have some real creative fun.

There are many free filet crochet patterns and charts on the internet. Crochet Pattern Central or CPC is the most easily navigable of the pattern directory sites, which save crocheters time by grouping links to free patterns in one place. CPC has links to some amazing patterns. The Dad bookmark would make a lovely gift for a Dad, who reads. The “I Love You Lace” includes a chart for the whole alphabet, so that you can put any words or name on your piece of filet. The charming “Colonial Cameo” has instructions as to how to adapt hook sizes and gauge/tension for different thread/cotton and yarn weights. You could use this chart to make a doily, table runner, Afghan or Bedspread depending on the thread/cotton or yarn weight you used. CPC’s link to pillow graphs takes you to some imaginative filet graphs for pillows, and blankets, including a beautiful baby blanket.

Superlative Stitchery has many filet crochet Afghan patterns (PDF). There are some intriguing free patterns there including Valentine’s Day, Christmas, and Halloween themed Afghans, as well as flowers, butterflies and leaf Afghans. There are also The Cancer Awareness Ribbon Afghan and American soldier Afghans.

Nezumi World has some imaginative filet crochet graphs. As well as the usual flowers and butterflies there is a ladybird, moths and a dragonfly, there is also a mermaid, Claddagh knot, wrestler, unicorn, and the wonderful Tea Time chart. There are also written instructions on how to do basic filet crochet in both British and American terminology and how to read a graph, using a simple heart graph.

Mom’s Love of Crochet web site has some lovely free patterns showing filet crochet’s many uses. There are patterns for doilies, table runners, and pillows. There are some very imaginative designs including the White Whale, Hummingbird, Grapevine, Rooster, flower basket and others.

Red Heart yarns web site has a free pattern for a charming bunny baby blanket. Lion Brand has two patterns for filet crochet blocks, one is a very interesting textured block, which might make a suitable Afghan square.

Ravelry is a large and vibrant on line community, which allows its members access to a huge free pattern directory. There are doilies, coasters, squares, a baby cap, blankets, Afghans, bookmarks, alphabet graphs, a filet sweater and so much more. There are so very many beautiful filet crochet patterns at Ravelry that it is an entertainment just to look through them and it might be hard to decide between the lovely free patterns.

Filet crochet is easier to do than it is to explain and it is a wonderfully adaptable technique to all sorts of items. Learning to read a chart will enhance your crochet knowledge and lead you to other exciting crochet adventures. In its basic form, filet crochet is a simple crochet lace, but in its complex form, it can be so much more. Why not begin you crochet adventure today?


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