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Top 3 Qualities of a Florist in Raleigh NC

Updated on March 8, 2011
Lisa Dee's Florist Raleigh NC
Lisa Dee's Florist Raleigh NC

Flower Shop in Raleigh NC

For anything from a birthday present to a big event like a wedding, it is important to make sure your floral company is there for you. Chances are you will end up sending flowers many times over the years, so you should invest your time in finding a florist in you feel good about working with.

The good news is that finding a local florist in Raleigh NC who is both talented and trustworthy is not so hard once you know what you’re looking for.

Can They Work With Your Style?

Finding a florist who is creative enough to work with your personal style can make all the difference. If you are looking for an arrangement for your wedding, the last thing you want is a generic boring display that could have come from a department store.

Whether you like the elegance of calla lilies or the classic beauty of the rose, your florist should be able to design something that works for you. When you have your consultation, make the most out of it and really discuss what you like from your arrangement.

How is Their Work?

Pictures might be worth a thousand words, but they don’t hold a candle to the real thing when it comes to determining quality. Don’t just look through the book of what the florist has to offer.

Find something you like in the shop and look at it closely to see how well it is put together. Be sure they are well designed and competently constructed. While you may only look at the arrangement for a few minutes, your guests may be sitting in front of it for hours.

Are They Reliable?

Customer reviews are the proof in the pudding for every business. Even a company which claims to offer unbridled creativity and an absolute passion for their craft cannot stay afloat if they can’t manage to make a delivery on time.

Customer reviews will let you know what people just like you think of the company. A company which uses FTD for their deliveries, for instance, gives you peace of mind knowing that your order is being handled by one of the most trusted floral delivery companies in the nation.

You should go with the best shop you can afford for big or small occasions. You can get great flowers and even support a local business in the process.

For the biggest events, you definitely want the best shop you can find as taking chances on what is already going to be a stressful day is not something most people want to do. So put your business with a trustworthy company and rest easy knowing you’re in good hands.

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Lisa Dee's Florist, a full service florist since 1983, is known for its excellence in product quality, superb design staff & superior delivery ser


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