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Artificial Flowers of Thread Garden in Ooty, Tamil Nadu - India

Updated on February 22, 2017
A flower plant of thread garden, Ooty
A flower plant of thread garden, Ooty | Source

Specialty of thread garden

These handmade flowers are the result of a self invented technology called Hand-wound Embroidery by a team of artisans.

The special thing to be noted is that there are no needles or machines being used in the threading process.

You might have seen artificial flowers in a variety of colors and designs. Thread flowers in Ooty, a hill station of Tamil Nadu State in India are an innovative creation that are fabricated out of threads, canvas and wires solely by hand. It is to be noted that no needle or machinery is a part of this craft work.

During our trip to Ooty, we happened to visit this artificial plant kingdom named 'The Thread Garden' situated near the lake. At first sight, it looked like a natural garden teemed with bright hued flowers. When the supervisor explained the entire making of these exemplary artificial flowers, we were totally in awe. We bought one flower set from them that was a little bit expensive for the invaluable craftsmanship it owned.

Do you know?

Thread flowers are crafted using:

1. Threads of natural color.

2. Special canvas materials.

3. Steel and copper wires.

Origin and Features

The relentless efforts of Mr. Antony Joseph and his co-workers for nearly 12 years realized the dream of thread garden in Ooty. A spectacular garden hosting several models of flower plants, lotus ponds and creepers were built for the art lovers to lure. The technology implemented in producing this kind of flowers is named as Four Dimensional Hand-wound Embroidery that uses some specially selected materials. It is self-invented by the team after conducting many scientific observations and experiments.

The threads used in making these flowers are made from natural resources in order to reflect the original color. The garden hosts a myriad of thread flowers of 400 different shades and designs adopted from nature. There is no painting or printing involved and the entire project requires longer time and labor for completion.

Flowers in thread garden

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Red bells of thread garden, OotyLilies in thread garden, Ooty
Red bells of thread garden, Ooty
Red bells of thread garden, Ooty | Source
Lilies in thread garden, Ooty
Lilies in thread garden, Ooty | Source

Make of Thread garden

The parts of a plant such as leaves and flowers are first cut out of a canvas to act as the base. These pieces are then coiled up with threads of respective colors. Steel and copper wires form the stem. The winding seems to be so perfect without any overlaps or knots or gaps. The entire garden has been raised with precious resources of keen concentration and patience.

Holding the thread in hands in a fixed position, artists rotate the fingers around the canvas base with high speed. This manual process competes with machine performance in terms of craftsmanship. The unique stuff of the canvas material also creates a supportive base for thread winding. By employing different designing methods artistically for different species of flowers, thread garden resembles a natural garden hosting several species of flower plants.

Thread garden flowers are made out of good quality threads brought from India as well as abroad for durability. A visit to this garden perched in the lustrous hill station Ooty would produce a cooling effect on the eye and minds with dashing colors.

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Thread garden, Ooty

© 2014 Radhika Sreekanth


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    • Peggy Ingalls profile image

      Maggie Crooks 3 years ago from Purgitsville, WV

      A fantastic craft. Wow the number of hours it took to make this display is amazing!

    • radhikasree profile image

      Radhika Sreekanth 3 years ago from Mumbai,India

      Hi Ruby,

      Glad to hear from you after a long time. Yes, the invention of internet is really marvelous. Without it this kind of social life would have been limited. Thank you for commenting as always. Happy New Year!

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Fuller 3 years ago from Southern Illinois

      Oh the thread flowers are so beautiful! I want some. The video really displays the intricate work very well. Isn't it marvelous that through the internet we can share the unusual beauty of our country? Thank you for sharing....