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Follow Me-Travel Photography From a Different Perspective

Updated on August 7, 2018
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I enjoy photography and have been doing so professionally and independently for over 30 years.

Travel Photography From a Different Perspective

Used by permission from the artist
Used by permission from the artist | Source

Using children seems like a good alternative since you can then add the childlike curiosity factor and capture images that are not travel inspired but rather curiosity based like a child wanting to see a pond, the ducks at the pond or even dip his feet into the pond.

For wedding photography the theme fits well as you can also capture shots that feature the bride leading her husband into the honeymoon suite or the husband leading his bride into their new house and so on.

You can even adapt routine happenings like shots featuring your partner leading you by the hand into your favorite restaurant, movie theater or shop or simply taking a stroll through your favorite night spot.

There are many adaptions and the project fits easily into any of them. Just plan plan and execute the project with the theme in mind.

Try to avoid taking pictures that not fit the theme but once your pictures are taken then depending on the location it is a good idea to record more of the scene as a way to retain facts and put it to writing later.

You will be surprised how quickly smaller details and bits of information can be forgotten.

Some of these can be the location name, time of year, time of day, technical aspects of the shot and any other interesting facts in the event that you will use them for a book or any other publishing endeavor.

The main thing to remember is to keep in mind that you are doing a photographic project and you must pay attention to detail as well as ensuring a technically flawless shot.

This project derives its inspiration and is based on a charming photographic series started by photographer Murad Osmann. More on his work later in the article.

This talented and creative photographer has created a series of photographs featuring his girlfriend Nataly Zakharova leading him by the hand into many exotic locations all over the world.

Osmann’s Instagram photographs portray images that although do not show the lady's face, just her back, nor the photographer's, manage to create a pleasant and charming view of such sites as London, Disney World, Venice and many other, with all images featuring interesting, beautiful and alluring scenery.

The project is a new take on what many would call travel photography. It offers a new spin on this style because it adds a rather charming human element and a different very creative view of the couple's travels.

The project can be accomplished with very little equipment other than a regular camera with a prime lens and perhaps a flash unit for special nighttime shots, although some digital post editing is always advisable and perhaps adapting some shots to a H.D.R, short for High Dynamic Range, format to make the colors come alive and almost appear to jump out at you.

Because many of us do not count with enough funds to travel the world perhaps adding a local touch can be a viable alternative.

The project can easily be adapted to your local neighborhood, your city, your hometown or even a state tourist location like Disney World in Florida or the like a trip to the Jersey Shore Boardwalk in New Jersey.

One can do the same with another person and this can be a child, or basically anybody. Simply allow the person to hold your hand and photograph the view as if you were the one being led by the hand which you probably are anyway.

To add the charm that is present in the Osmann project make sure to include the person in their entirety and "your" hand as it is being held while you are being led. This technique tends to give the viewer a first hand look at the scene.

Used by permission from the artsist
Used by permission from the artsist | Source

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Color would the the medium of choice but there are some scenes that may show better if recorded in black and white like any scene featuring a romantic, nostalgic scene or you just simply want to add variety to the project.

The project fits well for most travel and outings but simple locations like your local park, beach, or even while shopping for supplies at your local supermarket are usable but a lack of interesting details may detract from the overall theme.

Monochromes, otherwise called black and white, take care of this by concentrating the attention of the viewer on the main subject; the person doing the leading.

Remember that a lot of weight falls on the location and the general view of it. Choosing locations that offer interesting and pleasing details should be at the top of the list.

Top travel photography tips

CC BY-ND 2.0
CC BY-ND 2.0 | Source

Something else that you can add to make the project more complete is to capture images that only show smaller parts of the human element as well as some silhouettes that show one being led by the other or at least holding hands.

Including night shots, daylight shots, close ups, wide angles, zoom-ins and using various outfits is also important as it is to avoid monotony and involve your audience by showcasing a wide array of locations all with interesting details.

Even if the project is done close to home, the shots must be able to capture the gaze of those who look upon the pictures as well as making them appreciate the set up as well as allowing some room for people to guess the location where the shots were taken.

The guessing game is part of the fun that will make your photographs that much more well received by audiences.

Try not to stick with just one perspective and one main angle. Offer variation as a way of helping increase the attraction level of your images.

Mr. Osmann's photos work because they feature very exotic locations, interesting details, they are technically flawless, they offer continuity and last but not least they feature a pretty girl.

© 2013 Luis E Gonzalez


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