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Framing and Hanging Paint By Number Variation Projects

Updated on August 18, 2011

A Paint By Number variation project needs a hobby, or amateur painter's wall. At the very least, it needs a way to hang singly. The problem with Paint By Number variation projects is they (excuse the pun) mount up. They become addictive. One project leads to another. The fun and satisfaction of completing them is unstoppable. Thus, a hanging wall is eventually needed to properly display the amateur, or hobbyist at his finest.


Framing Isn't Everything but Sometimes It Helps

While framing doesn't make the Paint By Number variation picture, it sometimes lends a background that completes the look of the project. The black lines Paint By Number facsimile at the right is a good example.

Although this variation displays decoratively trimmed edges, it is not evenly set, and a squared up background on which to mount it would give it that finished look. Colored file folders make wonderful background instruments. File folders are firm and sturdy and can create a framed appearance that better suits completion of the Paint By Number Variation.

The picture at the beginning of this article is framed by a border that appears similar to the look that would be created by centering a painting, or variation onto a squared vanilla file folder.

(The link below this article describes how these two Paint By Number variation projects were created.)

Without a background square added, the horse painting could be simply displayed with two colorful tacks, or stick pins on an interior wall of painted sheet rock. Pinning into paneling isn't recommended.

Tip for Hanging a Paint By Number Variation with Pins:
***Use only two pins, one in each top corner, or three pins, including one in the top middle, and let the bottom of the picture hang free. If all four corners are pinned, the picture will eventually sag and become difficult to view.


It's Okay To Staple!

Stapling frames to Paint By Number paintings, or their variations is strictly the choice of the amateur, or hobbyist. It's all right to do so. This is a handcrafted item. Covering a den wall with Paint By Number projects and variations doesn't require any expert inspection. What pleases the amateur's, or hobbyist's eye is all that counts.

To create a stapled frame, simply cut strips of desired shapes from a colored file folder and place them on top of the painting, or variation and staple them. Angled staplings adds to the picture's handcrafted look.

Use a single strip on each side, or double the fun by stapling one colored strip on top of a different colored strip to frame the painting, or incorporate a number of different colored strips anywhere on the frame.

Tip for Framing a Paint By Number Variation with File Folder Strips:
***The variation at the top of this article has an "open look" frame, that is, the file folder strips at the top of the painting are stapled in a separated, or open design. Separated staplings may be used anywhere on the frame.

Varieties In Hanging Techniques

Colored pins are just one way to hang a Paint By Number, or Variation. Another way to affect a stable hanging is to use a set of clear plastic strip report cover and sheet holders and a line of string as long as the painting is wide.

Tie off both ends of the string to prevent fraying and to prevent the string from slipping loose. Close to the edge of each side of the painting, at spots directly across from one another, staple the ends of the string to the back of the picture. Place a plastic strip on each side of the painting, carefully sliding the strip across the stapled areas.

Complete the plastic strip hanging frame by adding strips to the top and the bottom of the picture. Use an eye-stopping variety of colored strips, or concentrate on one color that complements the picture's color scheme, if any.

Place a push-pin into the wall and hang the picture by the taut string. It's easy to center a picture hung in this manner.

Rather than using file folder strips to frame the Paint By Number Variation, the picture may be stapled, or glued onto one half of a file folder, then pinned across the top to the wall.

There is no end to handcrafted ideas, and Paint By Number Variations, or traditional Paint By Number projects lend themselves easily to the imaginations of their creators. No rules, as in any work of art, apply.

Best of all, no critics need apply, either, for the artist to climb the ladder of success. Every completed project is a satisfaction love-fest.


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    • Barbsbitsnpieces profile image

      Barbara Anne Helberg 6 years ago from Napoleon, Henry County, Ohio, USA

      @Dave Powell...I've been meaning to ask you -- Is Wootapalooza a Sesame Street word? My kids watched Sesame Street for years and I don't really remember that word, but I can't remember much these days! Ha!

      Maybe it's a D. Powell original?

    • Barbsbitsnpieces profile image

      Barbara Anne Helberg 6 years ago from Napoleon, Henry County, Ohio, USA

      Great follow-up, Dave! Thanks! Wow...shower curtain rod tubes! No end to the artist's creativity, I've always said. Your note proves it again! Maybe I should go to market...?! Ha...I think!

    • Dave Powell profile image

      Dave Powell 6 years ago from Winchester, MA

      Hi Barbara! And why NOT be just as creative in how you frame and hang PBNs... especially great personal images like the ones in this hub! I especially love your suggestion to use plastic report-cover bindings. Both simple... and elegant!

      It may be hard to believe, but when I visited the Rockport Art Association a couple weeks ago, I noticed that one of their photography competition winners (an image priced at $375) had been hung in almost exactly the same way! But instead of using plastic report-cover binding strips, the photographer cut two lengths from one of those plastic tubes used to cover shower-curtain rods... and slipped them over the top and bottom of the mat that held the photo. I don't have any of that tubing around here right now... but I do have your plastic cover strips. WOOTapalooza!