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Free Baby Themed Cross Stitch Patterns

Updated on December 31, 2013

The anticipation a new baby can be cause for a celebration that can last for years, and one of the most common ways to participate is to create a unique keepsake utilizing personal skills in a specific crafting endeavor. These creations are more often than not given as gifts to new parents to mark the occasion or fashioned in the form of a personal item to be used by the child. While these baby themed items usually require a considerable amount of time, skill and devotion to make they are truly special in every sense of the word in that they embody the emotion and talents of their creator and as such are universally appreciated.

In the realm of baby themed cross stitch patterns the number of individual topics are nearly limitless, simply because there are so very many items required to nurture healthy growth and development. Here is a small sampling of some common baby themed cross stitch patterns that can be used alone or as part of larger projects:

Pattern 1 - Baby Carriage

This baby themed cross stitch pattern is a very simple one but still looks great and uses only 8 colors.

The resulting cross stitch pattern measures 5.5 inches wide by 5.2 inches high - or 60 stitches by 57 stitches when applied to 11 count Aida Cloth.

Pattern 2 - Baby Girl

This pattern is colorful and could be used in nearly any baby themed project due to the diversity of it's design.

The pattern for this neat image measures 5.5 inches wide by 7.8 inches high - or 60 stitches by 86 stitches on 11 count Aida Cloth.

Pattern 3 - Cheerful Baby

This is a bit of a larger cross stitch pattern and may take a little longer to complete, but when only 13 colors of thread are used progress is fairly quick.

The final pattern will measure 5.5 inches wide by 9.2 inches high - or 60 stitches by 102 stitches when 11 count Aida Cloth is the chosen medium.

Have you ever given or received a crafted gift for a new baby?

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