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Free Clown Cross Stitch Patterns

Updated on December 30, 2013

The origins of the clown travel back in time all the way to ancient Egypt circa 2400 B.C. and while the role was always present in a number of cultures clowns never gained great popularity until the late 18th century. It was at that point that European circus clowns gained prominence while performing short comedic episodes between the death-defying acts of featured circus performers. Common to all clowns is their appearance in colorful clothing with unique makeup, and when viewed in combination with exaggerated physical movements wonderful characters are created representing performance art at it's finest.

The topic of clowns is easily among the favorites of crafters everywhere, and for good reason given the visual experience their common attributes enable. In cross stitching, clowns can be part of a great many themes ranging from celebrations of all types to children's themes and just about anything in between. Here are a few interesting free clown cross stitch patterns that may be of use to those interested in the hobby:

Pattern 1

This colorful clown uses a number of threads to the best possible advantage.

The clown cross stitch pattern measures 6.4 inches by 6.4 inches - or 70 stitches by 70 stitches on 11 count Aida Cloth.

Pattern 2

This is a full-body clown cross stitch pattern that really comes to life upon completion.

The completed project will measure 6.9 inches in width by 7.3 inches in height - or 75 stitches by 80 stitches on 11 count Aida Cloth.

Pattern 3

This is a larger pattern that uses 33 colors of thread, but worth the effort to make a beautiful keepsake.

The resulting clown cross stitch pattern measures 6.4 inches in width by 11.2 inches in height - or 70 stitches by 124 stitches when applied to 11 count Aida Cloth.

Do you enjoy clowns or find them a bit disturbing?

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    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 4 years ago

      I love clowns and this pattern post is so delightful.