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Free Crochet Pattern: Thick & Chunky, Stretchy Crochet Christmas Stocking

Updated on August 14, 2013
Crochet Christmas Stocking
Crochet Christmas Stocking | Source
I Love This Yarn in Sherbet Stripe
I Love This Yarn in Sherbet Stripe | Source

A while back I had come up with a very pretty crochet Christmas Stocking that I love, and it's been very popular with customers who purchase the pattern for my African Flower Christmas Stocking. I've made many in the last couple of years, but I really don't enjoy having to stitch motifs together, call it lazy, it's the truth. I have several stockings to make for family and friends this year, as well as place in my shop before Christmas season is in full swing (hopefully). I wanted to come up with some new patterns that were much easier, quicker, but still attractive to work up.

Due to the yarn I used on this particular pattern, I was initially going to call it the Teenage Drama Stocking, because all the colors and pattern reminds of me a teen girl, but I decided to call it simply, Thick and Chunky, Stretchy Christmas Stocking, well because that describes it perfectly. The stitch used throughout most of the stocking makes it very thick, and gives it a mesh type of stretch to it. The finished size appears a little smaller than your average Christmas Stocking, but once it's getting filled with all those little goodies, it has a lot of nice stretch. It's the perfect size and if you use the yarn I did, perfect colors for a little girl (or a tween).


Pattern and Material Details

Yarn Used: 1 full skein of I Love This Yarn in Sherbet Stripe

Hook: Size I (use J for a larger finish)

Stitches and other abbreviations used: (sc) single crochet, (dc) double crochet, (sl st) slip stitch, (ch) chain, (sc2tog) single crochet 2 together, (dc2tog) double crochet 2 together, (fpdc) front post double crochet, (bpdc) back post double crochet (photo at right for front and back post stitches)

Finished Size: 15"L x 6"W up to 18"L x 8"W

Let's Begin....

Foot Piece:

  • Round 1: Magic Ring, ch2 and work 12 dc into the magic ring. Pull closed and join with sl st to 1st dc, ch2 - 12dc
  • Round 2: 2 dc in same stitch as join, and in each stitch around. Join with 1st dc, ch2 - 24dc
  • Round 3: Dc in same stitch as join, 2dc in next. *dc in next stitch, 2 dc in next* repeat from *to* around. Join with 1st dc, ch2. - 36dc
  • Round 4: Dc in same st as join, dc in next, 2dc in next st. *dc in next 2, 2dc in next* repeat from *to* around. Join, ch2 - 48dc
  • Round 5: Dc in same st as join and in each st around. Join, ch2. - 48dc
  • Round 6: *Front post dc (fpdc) around dc directly below, back post dc in next* repeat around. Join with 1st dc. - 48 dc
  • Round 7- 21 Repeat round 6. At the end of round 21, ch1 and turn - 48dc


  • Round 1: Sc in same st and in next 23, ch1 and turn - 24 sc
  • Round 2-9: repeat round 1. Fold and stitch closed the end of the heel and finish off.


Join yarn at the center of the back of the heel with sc.

  • Round 1: Work 10 more sc across the left side of the heel going clockwise, sc2tog to decrease between the heel piece and foot piece. Sc in next 22 st, sc2tog to decrease in the bend (where foot piece meets heel piece). Continue onto other half of heel piece working 11 sc and join with 1st sc. ch2. - 46 st.
  • Round 2: Dc in each stitch around, join with 1st dc and ch2. - 46 st
  • Round 3: *Fpdc, bpdc in next* around - join with 1st fpdc - 46 st
  • Rounds 4-22: Repeat round 3. At end of round 22, make a hanging loop by chaining 10, sl st to next st, turn and sc in each of 10 ch. Sl st to next unworkd st and finish off.


As always, you are welcome to sell any finished product you make from this pattern. Please do not re-post this or sell this pattern as your own. If you use it, I ask that out of courtesy you link back here to my pattern. If you find any mistakes or have questions about the pattern please feel free to let me know, and I ALWAYS LOVE TO SEE YOUR FINISHED ITEMS! It makes my day.


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