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Free Crochet Patterns for the 4th of July

Updated on June 3, 2013

Do you like decorating your home with DIY items during the holiday season? Usually the whole family is present and everybody can appreciate your efforts. It's also nice to make something by yourself when it is for cause that is important to you and to people that you love. So, if you are American who is proud of it's country and people, 4th of July can be great time to crochet something nice and colored in red, blue and white.


If you are willing to make something that will really show your patriotic spirit, and you have enough free time to do it, you should definitely crochet some afghans with little stars on them.

Red, blue and white are a great combination of colors that can make any room look cheerful and comfortable. This is the reason why should you try to make a larger item such as afghan for this holiday.

Here we have two truly beautiful free patterns between you can choose.

The first one can be found here. Don't you find it very elegant?

The second one is also very charming and shown in different color versions, so it can adjust it to your needs. Take a look on the pattern.

Kitchen and Dining Room

There is something about holidays and the meals that always make people feel special and excited. There is probably nothing worst in the world than the festival dinner that went wrong. Because of that, almost every homemaker is ready to make an extra effort in order to be sure that everything will be great.

If you know one of those homemakers, you know that they certainly deserve us to give something back to them. You can do very easy by making one or more beautiful decorations for kitchen or the dining room.

If you want to make something really cute, here is this great apron pattern. Isn't it nice? I thing that every cook should wear it on 4th of July.

And if you want to decorate the holiday table, you can choose between various items such as this cool potholder, or this simple coaster (you should make one for every guest).

And if you want to think out of the box, then you should definitely check on this basket made of recycled fabric, or this funny and unique bottle cozy!

Have Fun!

If you want to dress up a little, you can make a little decoration for yourself, such as this cute flower or the bow.

And if you want to dress up your home, you can make various wreaths and garlands and hang them all around the house.

Wreath Patterns

This creation looks really cool, doesn't is? Just look at those colorful little stripes and stars. This wreath will certainly make your door look great.

On the other hand, this wreath is very elegant. It also follows the actual look of the American flag, so maybe it is the best choice if you are in patriotic mood.

Garland Patterns

Nothing says happy holidays as much as a beautiful garland does. And what is more appropriate for this time of the year than coll star garland? Take a look.

Another decoration that you should certainly check out is this pretty Patriotic Bunting that is quick and easy to make, but also very nice.

Happy Crocheting!

I hope you will find those patterns beautiful and easy to make and that some of this cool items will be ready until this years 4th of July.

I wish you a happy holiday and happy crocheting.


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