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Free Quilling Patterns Online

Updated on January 23, 2016
Example of a beautiful quilled card.
Example of a beautiful quilled card. | Source

The art and uses of quilling

Quilling is an art form that uses strips of paper to create delicate and detailed designs. These strips of paper are rolled around a tool called a quill to create a basic shape. You then bend, shape, and pinch the paper to create a basic shape. Once you are satisified that this is the shape you want you dab a dot of glue on the tip to keep the shape. These coiled pieces of paper are then arranged to form flowers, leaves, snowflakes, animals and many other ornamental patterns. The possibilities are endless. Quilling is said to be one of the easiest crafts to learn and one of the most beautiful to look at. Nearly all of the quilling creations you come across are created using a few variations of the basic rolls and scrolls.

Quilling has an infinite number of uses. Their lacy delicate look lends themselves to many different decorative possibilities. Just to name a few: any knid of card (birthday, thank you, missing you, sympathy, etc), any invitation (wedding, shower, baby shower, birthday party, retirement party, etc), birth announcements, place cards, notecards, wedding keepsakes, package decoration, table decoration, candle decoration, trinket box decoration, customized, personalized frames, journals, diaries, nightlights, tealight shades decorations, holiday d├ęcor, Christmas decorations, and many more uses.

Some of the quilling supplies you will need.
Some of the quilling supplies you will need. | Source

Free Quilling Patterns


This website is a one stop shop. They offer a complete array of quilling suppliesand they have a clear concise way of explaining the process of quilling. Their selection of free patterns is the best I have seen. They range from beginner to advanced and are all equally beautiful and creative. They have several catagories, each with a great amou7nt of free patterns to choose from. The catagories are as follows:

  • Christmas - angel, Christmas bell and poinsettia, candy cane, gingerbread man, snokeflake, Christmad tree, holiday wreath, Christmas candles
  • St. Paddy's Day/Irish - hat full of shamrocks, Claddaugh, tiny shamrocks, lucky pipe, Irish bear
  • Valentine's Day/Love - valentine card, love, hugs and kisses, hearts and flowers, heart vine, heart/diamond, heart/flower, heart gift card
  • Winter - mittens, knit hat, penguins on skates, snow shovel, snowman, sweater, winter bird, party snowman, snowflake
  • Spring - Easter card, Easter egg, yellow crocus, cross, daffodils, flowers for basket, basket, mini-bouquet, fan, hot air balloon, wedding bells, wedding/mother's day card
  • Men/Manly/Boys - cattails with mallard, one fish, two fish..., pool anyone?, chess piece, wheat, mushrooms, frog/lily of the valley, drum, What's that in your bassket?, TV time(remote and bowl of popcorn)
  • School Days - globe, professor owl, an apple for the teacher, school bell, chalkboard, school house
  • Summer Fun - pinwheels, kite and beach ball, circus tent, circus clown
  • Baby/Children - baby rattle, chubby baby, little girl, baby rattle
  • Fall Stuff - fall bouquet, layered mum, squirrel, layered sunflowers, wheelbarrow of pumpkins, autumn trees, october flower, fall colors, turkey, autumn leaves
  • Halloween Stuff - candy apple, Jack-O-Lantern, Halloween kitty, Halloween treats, trick ot treat (Jack-o-Lantern treat holder), witch, Halloween couple (two black cats), spooky eye

This blog has a good selection of some very nice free quilling patterns. You'll be glad you stopped to look at them.

  • 7 petal daisy - quick and easy
  • 4 daisy patterns - basic patterns
  • daisy pattern - shows how to combine quilling with card making
  • turkey - simple techniques
  • Christmas Poinsettia - makes a beautiful ornament
  • hot air balloon - uses the fill-in technique
  • wedding cake - fringed flowers and alternating side looping
  • butterfly - intermediate pattern
  • flowers of love - uses S-scrolls to make heart and accents with white coil flowers

On this website you will find two beautiful free patterns. They would most likely be for the more advanced quiller.

  • flowers in a basket
  • reusable candle pin

You will find a great introduction to quilling on this website, as must for anyone just starting to learn how to quill. The instructions are clear and easy to follow.

  • tortoise
  • baby card - baby footprints
  • flowers - folder paper rose and 2 simple flowers
  • Christmas wreath and angel

This website has one free pattern but it is so well done that I felt it deserved a mention. The instructions are simple, clear, and easy to follow.

  • Aster

Examples of quilling shapes.
Examples of quilling shapes. | Source


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    • profile image

      Jorgi 12 months ago

      Hi I'm just a beginner at quilling not done anything yet but very interesting reading this it was very helpful to start as I used to make cards

    • KoffeeKlatch Gals profile image

      Susan Haze 7 years ago from Sunny Florida

      Quilling is such a relaxing and fairly easy craft to learn. It's not as hard as it looks to learn the simple steps. It gets harder as you get into the intermediate level but it's worth every effort. Good luck and have fun.

    • StarryNightsDiva profile image

      Alissa 7 years ago from Rocky Hill, CT

      Great hub! I just made the decision to get into quilling today so this was a very helpful resource for me!