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Free Unique Crochet Patterns You Will Love

Updated on January 23, 2016

Why Do You Crochet?

How did it all begin for me? Years ago, while in my teens, my incredibly talented grandmother taught most of her grandchildren how to crochet, including myself. Then we were all making blankets, very large blankets. I'm sure now that it was her clever way of keeping us occupied. My grandmother taught me a few simple things that I didn't realize until I was grown and she was gone. These things were: how to see the best in people, how cooking brings people together, and how to crochet were the stand-out lessons.

Now when I crochet, I find it incredibly relaxing and therapeutic. I have my grandmother to thank. I find myself making all kinds of scarves, cowls, and hats. I have enough to fill a few large boxes. I have resorted to giving them away to friends and family members. What else can I make, I ask?

Things I Have Crocheted

Whimsical Infinity Scarf made from leftover yarn
Whimsical Infinity Scarf made from leftover yarn | Source
Wine Bottle Glove
Wine Bottle Glove | Source
Dog Infinity Scarf (one of many :)
Dog Infinity Scarf (one of many :) | Source

Fun Crochet Patterns

This pattern makes a beautiful, dainty ring that you can't help but love. Check it out!

This is a colorful and adorable bag. It would make a great gift for a young girl or it could be used by an adult as a makeup bag for travel purposes.

Practical Crochet Patterns

I am always losing my reading glasses and have thought about making my own eyeglass pouch. This is a great, easy-to-follow pattern that would be perfect in solving my problem.

I like this simple pattern and would love to tryout different textures of yarn. This would make a great gift for people who always have a book in their hands.

How to Crochet a Flower by epicabundance

Elegant Crochet Patterns

Wine bottle covers can really jazz up a wine bottle as a gift and they are also practical, protecting the bottle when traveling with it. This is a quick project too!

Crochet necklaces look tedious and time-consuming but they are just the opposite. And best of all, they are absolutely beautiful.

What is your experience level in doing crochet?

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