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Vintage and Retro Photo Effects

Updated on October 26, 2016

Today, many people love to upload and share their photos via email, social media sites or instant messengers so that their friends and family can see it immediately. Some people also love to edit photos or doing a modification of their personal pictures or other images for many purposes. There are so many applications that can help us to change the look of our pictures. The advance of technology also gives a contribution and facilitates what many people need today to edit their photograph or pictures to look like a pro. Not only for personal computer, now we can find various products of image editing and online photo sharing for any kind of gadgets such as tablet PC, laptop and for the smartphone.

Even though there are so many new styles in photography today, some people are still loved to pursue something aged and classic. Vintage and retro style becomes the most popular style that people still used until today. Even it begins to become a trend once again in the styles of photography where people love to find many alternative styles to choose from effects to how to capture good pictures with unique styles. Vintage and retro will look unique if it's applied in modern photography because there are so many choices to choose, add and edit the styles. So that it will not only originally look old or rusty but with a bit touch of modern technique in photography, vintage and retro effects can become the new trend of the day. When you apply for the right filter of vintage and retro effects in your photographs, not only it can give you a different look but it can also give you different feelings. The classic style of photography can give you a sense of old memories or everything that link to the past.

Vintage look - CC0 1.0 Universal
Vintage look - CC0 1.0 Universal

With the popularity of vintage and retro effects in photography nowadays, there are so many products out there that offer photo filters from electronic applications to digital camera including vintage and retro effects which meet the current market due to popular demand. It has become a recent trend especially among teenagers and young adults because most of them love to pursue any trends where they can be part of it and that they can show to anyone such as friends and family. You can get photo filtering applications for your smartphone, software for your laptop or computer that is including vintage and retro photo effects range from free to paid products. Google Play for android smartphone and Apple store for iPhone offers so many photo-filtering products in their market that you can easily find. Not only electronic applications, many gadgets such as Nikon F2, Leica M6 or Pentacon six are sold as vintage and retro camera on the market nowadays due to many demands. Although it sells as vintage and retro camera, but it has modern features such as using a memory card to save the images because mostly it sold as vintage or retro style digital camera. Some of it has a video screen with a digital panel. If you want to buy an old vintage and retro camera that has features of a real old vintage digital camera, you need to find them in antique stores.

Retro style - CC0 1.0 Universal
Retro style - CC0 1.0 Universal

Vintage and retro image is a trend in photo editing nowadays. Retro is basically a new style, trend, mode, or fashion that is revived from outdated or aged trend or fashion. Retro is implications from vintage because basically vintage is used to describe something old such as an old jacket, old photo or old car. You can use photo editing or graphic applications to edit your pictures into vintage or retro style. There are several applications that you can use to edit your pictures and change it into vintage or retro pictures from simple applications to advance. Also, there are several sites that offer photo editing applications from paid to free service. There are many good sites that offer free photo editor where you can edit your pictures into vintage or retro style. If you want to try online photo editor that can change your pictures into vintage or retro style, try several services below that already tested and 100% free:


Via, you can edit your pictures with a wide range of options. There are so many features that offered by Picmonkey to polish your picture such as basic edit where you can crop, rotate, change the exposure and colors, sharpen and resize, then several of photo effects from Orton, cross process, dusk, intrepid, tranquil, sepia, Polaroid film until clone. There is also “touch up” features you can choose, like a blemish fix, wrinkle remover, blush boots, spray tan, teeth whiten, lip tint, eye brightens, mascara, red-eye remover even weight loss. You can also add text to a variety of fonts, adds overlays like symbols, arrows or comic bubbles. You can even add frames with different selection frames.


Pixlr-o-matic have 3 different categories to polish your pictures, but each category has so much variety of choices with at least 100 effects, 342 overlays, and 210 frames. Pixlr-o-matic is also available to download as a standalone PC installation for Windows and iOS. Pixlr-o-matic also available on Facebook, as a chrome web app and for iOS and android device.


Vintagejs offers simple retro image editing. Not many options you can choose to polish your pictures but this simple application is quite useful and interesting. You can use the editing features only by sliding the features in where you can choose different options and then you can save the result.


Makeretro also offer simple application to convert your pictures into retro pictures. You may choose a file from your computer or from URL links to upload for editing purpose. Then you can choose various effects to edit your photo from Lomo to Technicolor and also you can choose the type of colors you want. After that, a new image will be formed as a result of the editing features.


Instantretro actually a bit similar like Vintagejs because this application is using Vintagejs query. The surplus is that this application adding a few extra features on it. also available for Facebook and can be added to your Google chrome.



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    • ryanjhoe profile image

      ryanjhoe 4 years ago from Somewhere over the rainbow

      @photo-medic I love using Picmonkey and Pixlr-o-matic mostly because it has variety of effects and very easy to use.

    • profile image

      photo-medic 4 years ago

      Very interesting, which one do you think is the best?