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Free Winter Hat Crochet Patterns

Updated on October 20, 2015
freeimage-107206 hooks
freeimage-107206 hooks

Crochet Winter Hats for all the Family

Autumn colours on the trees, and the faint chill in the air heralding winter, mean that everyone needs a hat. Hats are great projects for crocheters, even novice crocheters can make a hat, providing that they pick a beginner pattern. Hats also make great Christmas, or birthday, gifts, everyone needs to have a warm head in winter.

Novice, or apprehensive, crocheters might like to see this video tutorial to make an easy crochet hat.

Hats are a very popular project for crocheters, and the number of links held in the large free crochet directories reflects this popularity. Crochet Pattern Central has links to many hat patterns, for babies, children, and adults. Amongst these links are some exciting patterns, including the accidental hat and the lion tamer safari hat. All crafts have 400 links to free hat patterns, including animal baby hats, antique, vintage and other hats. Crochet at Play has links to lots of free crochet hat patterns. The toddler and baby Eskimo hats would keep little ones toasty warm in winter weather and they are very stylish. On the same page there is a link to a striped baby beanie hat.

Crochet blogs are another rich source of free patterns. The Crochet stuff blog has a Santa hat pattern. Ruth McNeil’s blog has an adult sock monkey hat. Bev’s Country Cottage site has many free crochet hat patterns, including the Carousel cap, for premature babies and men’s hats as well as a good selection of animal hats. Crochet About has a good links to free crochet hat patterns. You can even download a free e book of hat patterns from Crochet Me. The e book contains eight patterns. Moogly Blog has several patterns, including three one skein patterns, for women's hats 'Crochet me' also has 23 free crochet hat patterns. Tipnut’s web pages have 25 patterns including tams and four men’s hats. The Crochet Crowd has patterns for hats for all the family, including the unusual Autumn Dream Hat.

You Can Even Find Free crochet Patterns for Men's Hats

It is always more difficult to find crochet patterns for men, but there are several great men’s hat patterns available on the internet. All Free crochet has an exciting Sherlock Holmes Hat, which could suit the detective. You will find both men's patterns and links to more men's patterns on some blogs. Those searching for patterns for a Rasta Tam will find one at Planetshoup. There are some men's crochet winter hat patterns on the Fine Craft Guild page, scroll down past the knit patterns.

There are some excellent free crochet hat patterns on the Top Inspired page, again scroll down past the knit patterns. Here you will find patterns for an newsboy's cap, earflap cap, slouchy hats and a pixie hood. is a knitting and crochet community, you must register with them but membership gives you access to a huge free pattern directory and a lively craft community. You will find patterns at Ravelry that you will find nowhere else. Ravelry has numerous hat patterns for everyone, including Rasta hats, an unusual Hex Hat, and a crazy cat hat. Do check out the charming Lamb hat and the current girls' favourite "Hello Kitty" hat on Ravelry.

Hats usually do not use much yarn and can be a practical way to use the odd balls of yarn, which every crocheter collects. When using a free crochet pattern, hats can be inexpensive to make, a real consideration in hard economic times. You can even help charities by making hats, as there are many charities, which gratefully accept crochet hats, especially those that deal with natural disasters or refugees. A hat is a useful, practical, and interesting crochet project, and hats are quick to make.

Winter hats are very popular crochet projects. Crocheters, regardless of level, can find suitable free patterns on the internet. Whether the hat is for a Christmas, or birthday, gift for someone else, you, or you just want to crochet a hat that your child will love to keep on his or her head, you will find a suitable free pattern on the internet.


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