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Fun and Charismatic Japanese Erasers

Updated on June 11, 2013

Do you know the saying, mistakes are why pencils have erasers? It makes you feel good, doesn’t it? To know that everyone makes mistakes, and that if everyone didn’t, what would be the point of erasers?

But do you know what else can make you feel good? Do you know about the craze sweeping the whole world called Japanese erasers? Well, if you don’t, you absolutely should. Japanese erasers are one of the most fun collecting crazes ever. These cute little toys are bought and sold by the millions, maybe even more. One thing is for sure, there are nearly a million different kinds of these Japanese erasers. From animals, to different kinds of food, to sports equipment, to little people, there is a set of Japanese erasers for anyone and everyone. Read on to learn more about this trend that everyone is getting in on.

Normal erasers are boring.  Japanese erasers are cute!
Normal erasers are boring. Japanese erasers are cute!

Brands of Japanese Erasers

Of all the kinds of Japanese erasers on the market today, maybe the most famous brand of all of them is Iwako, which is located in the town of Yashio City, Japan. Iwakio started out as a maker of stationary products but soon learned that making their colorful style of erasers would be a booming business. Now they make many hundreds of Japanese erasers and are one of the biggest sellers of these erasers in the world.

You can visit the Iwako Japanese eraser museum at the website Here, you can browse through all the styles and sets that are available to purchase. Are you into ponies? The Iwako horse Japanese erasers come in six bright and fun colors. Or, maybe you are more into donuts? One of the newest lines of Japanese erasers made by Iwako are the six donut flavors, including scrumptious chocolate and pink glazed. There are also fantastic sets of erasers that can be bought, like the whimsical Hamsters in a Box, which come in eight great colors.

The great thing about this brand of Japanese erasers are that they are toxin free, which means no lead, no PVC, no paint, and without latex, making them allergy free and safe for anyone over the age of eight years. Because of the many small parts involved in these kind of Japanese erasers, the company does not recommend them for younger children.

A very popular place to buy Japanese erasers is through the website at Hapa Culture. Hapa Culture offers some really great and fun eraser sets, like the dessert eraser set and the marine animal eraser set. These little Japanese erasers are remarkably detailed and colorful as well. You will spend many hours collecting and enjoying the toys sold by Hapa Culture. For those orders shipping to the United States, Hapa Culture offers free shipping for orders of 75 dollars and more.

Another great maker of Japanese erasers is the company called Itasho. This Japanese outfit makes over 300 different styles of Japanese erasers for both the casual and serious eraser collector. If you visit their website, you can browse the many fantastic and colorful shapes as well as sign up for the Japanese eraser fan club, for free. Like the Japanese erasers made by Iwako, these erasers are also latex free and made without PVC. This makes them safe for you and safer for the environment.

Japanese Erasers on the Internet

With a craze as big and popular as Japanese erasers, you can bet that there are plenty of fun things going on about them on the internet. In fact, when you start to look around, you will see that there are Japanese eraser blogs dedicated to the collecting of these fun toys, including the aptly named Japanese Eraser Blog, that there are videos all about Japanese erasers that are posted on YouTube, and that there is even a fan page for Japanese erasers that you can join on Facebook.

The thing is, everyone is just mad for this wonderful craze. Japanese erasers are sweeping the world off its feet! Go to one of the excellent eraser sites listed above and start your own collection. Japanese erasers are never a mistake!


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      sadie 7 years ago

      i cant wayt to start collecting japanese erasers!!!